Bertil Roos Race Series F-2000 “Season 33”

We are rapidly approaching the 2016 Roos F-2000 Racing Series. This year will mark the 33rd anniversary of the series making it the longest continuously run formula car series in North America. In a recent interview, Dennis Macchio, President and CEO of the Bertil Roos Racing School, the series’ sanctioning body, was asked why the program has been so successful for so long. “Probably too many reasons to give an interview”, Macchio explained. “I guess it all starts with money. We have s

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From: Bertil Roos Racing School, Long Pond, PA
Roos Announces ’16 Dates for 3 Day, 2 Day and 5 Day Schools

“We apologize that we sold out of all our licensing programs in 2015, and had to turn away so many people,” said Roos President Dennis Macchio. “Sometimes people don’t realize how much lead time is needed to both plan the programs, and secure the track dates. We hate leaving people out, so we are expanding our schedule, and simultaneously opening up enrollment early. This way, those drivers who are planning a full season of racing next year, can secure the early season seats.”


A lot of people have been asking us why we do things the way we do at the school and "isn't there a short cut?" Well, Dennis would like to address this:

“Do It Right” By Dennis Macchio

Being involved in the sport of motor racing for more than 35 years, gives one a perspective on the sport that just can’t be duplicated in a short period of time. Having been involved in so many activities within the sport, driver, track owner, manager and designer, team owner, instructor, driving coach and owner of a well known racing school, have provided me with a lifetime of experience and understanding of the sport. During the last 3 ½ decades, I have seen so much change: driver safety h

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