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Bertil Roos Racing School | 2 Day Advanced Road Racing School

Different from our Half and 1-Day adventures, our race school's emphasis is on teaching and training you how to be a better, faster racecar driver.

In this course (prerequisite of 3-Day Road Racing School, or similar experience), emphasis is placed on passing, high-speed drafting, race starts, qualifying strategies and racing tactics. We are the only school in the world that uses on-board video to better facilitate and accelerate the educational process.

Day one starts with a brief classroom session, followed immediately by a track ride-around in one of our street cars. Next you'll climb into one of our racecars and go wheel-to-wheel and nose-to-tail for four sessions with the instructors, as they show you the safest and most effective passing techniques. Other activities include drafting, practice race starts, qualifying strategies and racing tactics, as well as analyzing the video segments captured throughout your lapping sessions.

Day two is structured like a race day. Practice, qualifying, practice starts and two 8-lap races will fill your day. Each track session is preceded by a classroom session explaining the techniques to use and the goals to shoot for in that respective session. It's like participating in your first race, with instructors watching and helping you every step of the way.

We're proud of the fact that this program is one of the most comprehensive, advanced programs in the world. Whether you race as a hobby, or intend it to be your profession, you will find this course to be an incredible and exhilarating experience.



Upon completion of our 2-Day Advanced Competition School, you will be eligible to enter the Rookie Camp, Roos formula 2000 Racing Series and will have fulfilled all of the requirements for an S.C.C.A. license.

* Suit and helmet provided.

If you're interested in enrolling in this program, be certain to visit our schedule and pricing page, as well as the pages showing our participating track locations.