Points Standings

2017 Bertil Roos Race Series Points

2017 Points Standings
The Roos F-2000 Race Series Championship
POSNamePoints w/ Drops
1Glenn Brooks91
2Andy Ourant86
3Jason Auwarter84
4Earl Ihrie76
5Vinnie Virga **58
6Tim Nichols49
7Rich White44
8George Tawfik44
9Bob Pearlmutter40
10Ira Nesbitt40
11Geoff Valentino37
12Mike Saia36
13Stephen Connor **34
14Todd Butaud **30
15Laurence Jitts **30
16Lawrence Latham **29
17Bill Trexler **27
18Kathryn Latona **26
19Rachelle Butaud **24
20Tony Iorfino **22
21Gabe Jasper18
2017 Bertil Roos Race Series Points After Event 2
Note: ** denotes a Rookie

Rookie of the Year:
Hard Charger:

2016 Bertil Roos Race Series Points

POSNamePoints w/ Drops
1Toulouse Lafond286
2Tim Nichols283
3Kevin Anderson256
4Gabe Jasper233
5Glenn Brooks229
6Jason Auwarter227
7Earl Ihrie209
8Ronnie Price174
9Mike Saia171
10Ira Nesbitt165
11Rich White **158
12Garrett Niemerski **143
13Justin Fierro121
14Brandon Lavender **120
15Bruce McIntosh108
16Bob Pearlmutter90
17Geoff Valentino **84
18Derek Jose82
19Chris Whitaker **58
20Dev Gore **46
21James Lapp40
22George Tawfik34
23Mark Keeler30
24Bob Hirsch25
25Christopher Yeung **24
26Stephen Connor **23
27Daniel Tumrong **22
28Bill Mercurio **8
2016 Points Standings
The Roos F-2000 Race Series Championship

** denotes rookie status

Champion: Toulouse Lafond

Rookie Of The Year: Rich White



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