2 Day Grad Camp

This program is open to all graduates of our 2-Day Advanced program who have not yet competed in any sanctioned racing events or who have raced in a limited number of events. The program allows racers the opportunity to experience a typical race weekend in a condensed and slightly less intense format.

The event will be similar to the format of our regular race series events.

Day One: A practice half-day – There will be two 20 minute practice sessions in the morning.
Day Two: It’s race day – Starting with a 15 minute practice session, then a 15 minute qualifying session, a 12 lap race and an 18 lap race. All race series rules apply and drivers are expected to know them.

Click HERE to view the rulebook.

Trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers in each group, and the 18 lap race winners will receive a free race weekend (practice day and race day) for the 2019 season.

The event is limited to 18 competitors, and limited to a first come, first serve basis.

This is an opportunity for new racers to test their skills against racers of similar experience levels and possibly get a jump start on their racing budgets for the 2019 season.


If you’re interested in enrolling in this program, be certain to visit our schedule and pricing page, as well as the pages showing our participating track locations.