A letter from Dennis Macchio 2/3/2017

From: Dennis Macchio (CEO Bertil Roos Racing School)



The landscape changes often in the racing world… and sometimes dramatically. Having lived in that environment for the last 40 years, we get upset when an organization “muddies up” our waters.

Earlier this week we put out a facebook post, offering a 25% discount to anyone who has been cancelled, or lost a deposit from one of our competitors. And while this is partially a business decision, it is also a function of my anger at those who don’t do business the way it should be done.

Bertil Roos Racing School remains the best school in the country. We’re in the process of adding dates to accommodate a new influx of customers.

We want YOU… We want your first experience in the racing world to be a good one… fun, highly educational and safe… We will work hard to make you an “inspired lifer” in racing.

I am probably the only head of a racing school that will talk to you directly, and, at some point, share a track with you. So call, or as an alternative, hit our website at www.racenow.com.

We are here… will be here… and will introduce you to the great sport on earth… the right way.

The Bertil Roos Racing School, “doin’ it right” since 1975.