About The School

As a pioneer in the industry, the Bertil Roos Racing School has been training students in the art of motor racing for over 40 years. Graduates of the school can be found at every level of racing, from the hobbyist up to the top levels of professional racing. All programs are “arrive and drive.” All you need to bring is a positive attitude!

Bertil Roos Racing School has offices located in Blakeslee, PA, and Jupiter, FL; the northeast office is just a few miles down the road from Pocono Raceway and the southeast office is located at Palm Beach International Raceway. Our school has been awarded full licensing recommendation status for SCCA Competition licenses. Our staff of experienced racing instructors has developed a multitude of programs that challenge drivers at all experience levels.

Students across the continent, many of whom have attended other racing programs, rank our school number one. Graduates of our programs frequently comment on the unparalleled quality of our instruction, the vast amount of seat time, and the family atmosphere that is unequaled in the industry.

Drivers in our Roos Formula 2000 Racing Series, whether hobbyists or aspiring professionals are often quoted as saying that our in-house learning programs provide them with the skills, race-craft, and level of competition required to make their resumes shine.

The more the prospective student compares schools, the more often our name comes to the top of the list.

For additional information, please click here to send us an email request or call 1-800-722-3669 and ask to speak with one of our racing professionals.

15 reasons to choose to Roos

Full SCCA accreditation

Most Advanced Teaching System

Most Advanced Driving Tech

Full Stable of Formula 2000 Racecars

Aerodynamic Body Style With Wings Wide Tires

Revolutionary Slide Cars

No Artificial Speed/Rev limits

Passing Allowed In All Programs

N0 Liability Entry Level Programs

Full Laps Every Session

In Car Timing Systems

Textbooks In Advance

3-1 Student to Instructor Ratio

Professional Photo Service

Formula 2000 Racing Series For Graduates