IRGSE Acquires Bertil Roos Racing School

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Nov. 20, 2017) — IRG Sports + Entertainment (IRGSE), a leading marketer and promoter of sports and live entertainment experiences, announced today the recent acquisition of Bertil Roos Racing School.


As a pioneer in the industry, the Bertil Roos Racing School has been training students in the art of motor racing for over four decades. Graduates of the European-style, road racing school can be found at every level of racing, from the hobbyist up to the top levels of professional racing. All programs are “arrive and drive,” where all you need to bring is a positive attitude.


Bertil Roos will continue to run programs at existing locations and will add resident driving schools at Palm Beach International Raceway, which began the week of Nov. 11, and at Memphis International Raceway in 2018.


“We are pleased to welcome Bertil Roos Racing School into the IRGSE family,” IRGSE President and CEO Lou Partenza said. “When we looked for an acquisition, the focus was to find an organization that would add value by complementing IRGSE’s existing assets while maintaining a strong culture of delivering value and service to its customers.


“Bertil Roos hit on all of these parameters with an added benefit of a strong, passionate leadership team that is committed to the continued growth and development of the company.”


In addition, IRGSE acquired the complete Formula fleet and spares from the Skip Barber Racing School. These vehicles are undergoing complete overhauls and will be permanently situated at the Palm Beach and Memphis Bertil Roos Racing School locations.


Bertil Roos Racing School will service seven track locations in 2018 with a fleet of 45 open-wheel Formula cars and 20 full-bodied cars, along with offering trackside support. Corporate headquarters will be based in West Palm Beach, Fla.


“I am excited to be part of the IRGSE family,” said Dennis Macchio, President of Bertil Roos Racing Schools. “Their track assets fit perfectly into our vision for the continued expansion of Bertil Roos Racing School and the residency driving school programs we have developed.


“The resources afforded to Bertil Roos through this venture will allow us to expand both geographically and through the development of additional programs and racing weekends.”


For more information about Bertil Roos Racing School including gift certificates, holiday pricing and travel discounts, visit the website at


About IRG Sports + Entertainment:

IRG Sports + Entertainment™ (IRGSE), a TPG Specialty Lending Inc. portfolio company, is a leading marketer and promoter of sports and live entertainment experiences in the United States, Canada, Bahamas, New Zealand and Australia. The company owns and operates four motorsports facilities: Palm Beach International Raceway™ (PBIR), Memphis International Raceway™ (MIR), Maryland International Raceway™ (MDIR) and Cordova International Raceway™ (CIR); as well as the International Hot Rod Association™ (IHRA), IHRA Australia™, Bertil Roos Racing School and Palm Beach Driving Club™ (PBDC). IRGSE properties promote more than 1,150 motorsports, live entertainment and corporate events annually at its venues and within its series. For more information, please visit, follow @IRGSports on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Special Program for SBRS Depositors

Dear Skip Barber Racing School Depositor,
Below please find a link to a packet of information that explains how Bertil Roos Racing School is attempting to help SBRS customers use a portion of their deposits to take Bertil Roos schools, and/or participate in our race series. We are attempting to help out, without putting ourselves in a similar financial bind.
For some, the process might be a touch complicated, and we welcome you to call us for further explanation. We look forward to helping you continue your road racing journey.
Please keep in mind that we are an independent racing school, and have no affiliation with SBRS, other than trying to help a large number of people continue their dream. Hope we see you trackside, soon.
Skip Barber Package
Yours for the sport,
Dennis James Macchio
Bertil Roos Racing School

Bertil Roos 5 Day Speed Week


August 7-11, 2017 @ Pocono Raceway

Go from never having driven a race car to competing in 2 races in only 5 days!

Day one starts with a brief classroom session, followed immediately by a track session in one of our patented slide cars. Then, some trackside demonstrations by the instructors, followed by an additional classroom session and on-track practice with one of our street cars. After a short introduction to the racecars, safety equipment, safety flags, and a short discussion about racing etiquette, we finish the day with two track sessions in the racecars.

Day two begins with another brief classroom session, followed by another session in the slide cars and street cars. This track session’s objective is to ingrain every bump, wrinkle, and visible marker into your racing mindset. Four additional track sessions in the racecars and a track walk add to your knowledge gained the previous day, applying theory to the real world. You will be given an abundant amount of seat time, practicing and perfecting the skills required to advance to the final day.

Day three: You’ve trained forty-eight hours for this day. Time to apply your new-found skills and acquire the additional advanced techniques required to devour the track and squeeze every last tenth of a second out of yourself. A slide car session is combined with FIVE track sessions in the racecars, working on those little nuances that trim the last few tenths off your lap times. You will learn the techniques that made our school famous, and to this day, set us apart from the competition. You will practice techniques such as: Ocular Driving, the Auto Pilot, Rotational Turn-In, Line Recovery, Slide Control, Heel and Toe, and Creative Visualization.

Day four starts with a brief classroom session, followed immediately by a track ride-around in one of our street cars. Next you’ll climb into one of our racecars and go wheel-to-wheel and nose-to-tail for four sessions with the instructors, as they show you the safest and most effective passing techniques. Other activities include drafting, practice race starts, qualifying strategies and racing tactics.

Day five is structured like a race day, practice, qualifying, practice starts and two 8-lap races will fill your day. Each track session is preceded by a classroom session explaining the techniques to use and the goals to shoot for in that respective session. It’s like participating in your first race, with instructors watching and helping you every step of the way. Day two also features open passing in each on track session.

Eligible for a Bertil Roos Race Series License and ALL Amateur and Club licenses upon completion.

3 Day Road Racing School: $3,795

2 Day Advanced School: $2,595

5 Day Speed Week: $5,895

Bertil Roos grad, Cameron Das, gets pole and a podium in British F3

Bertil Roos grad, Cameron Das, in the first weekend of the British F3 Championship grabbed the pole for the first race, and finished 5th in race 1, 6th in race 2, and 2nd in race 3. Cameron is currently 3rd in points going into the next round at Rockingham on April 29 and 30.

See Cam’s thoughts on the race and his first weekend of the year at: What They Said

A message from Roos CEO Dennis Macchio

A message from Roos CEO Dennis Macchio



Get It Done

Get It Done Right

Get It Done Now

(Time To Go Racing)


There are a million places to participate in the sport of motor racing. Sometimes it seems that there are as many venues and classes of cars as there are aspiring drivers. And the landscape is always changing.

But one part of the process remains consistent, to do it well, and to do it safely requires the proper training. That is what we, at the Bertil Roos Racing School do better than anyone else… and have been for a very long time.

Technique, strategy, psychology, control, craft… it isn’t as easy as it looks on TV, and it is way more complex than running hard on the street.

You’ve thought about it, maybe even did some research. Now it’s time to do it. And at Roos, you’ll learn to do it the right.

Our programs are completely “arrive and drive” and taught in the best possible classroom, F-2000 formula cars. And here’s the best part… No experience necessary… we will build you into a winning driver, from the ground up.

The coming season promises to be an exciting one. Get started by signing up for one of our early season licensing schools, and begin to enjoy the greatest sport on earth.

If your answer to this message is… someday… then maybe this sport is not for you. So put away the video game, and start doing it for real… We’ll get you there, and we’ll help you to “do it right.”

The Bertil Roos Racing School, “doin’ it right” since 1975.


2017 Licensing Schools

March 20-24 – Palm Beach International Raceway: SOLD OUT (Waiting List Only)

April 10-14 – Pocono Raceway: 6 seats remaining

May 9-12 – New Jersey Motorsports Park: 7 seats remaining

June 5-7 & 12-13 – Dominion Raceway: 12 seats remaining

August 7-11 – Pocono Raceway: 12 seats remaining


Contact Us:


Look for us on Facebook and


A letter from Dennis Macchio 2/3/2017

From: Dennis Macchio (CEO Bertil Roos Racing School)



The landscape changes often in the racing world… and sometimes dramatically. Having lived in that environment for the last 40 years, we get upset when an organization “muddies up” our waters.

Earlier this week we put out a facebook post, offering a 25% discount to anyone who has been cancelled, or lost a deposit from one of our competitors. And while this is partially a business decision, it is also a function of my anger at those who don’t do business the way it should be done.

Bertil Roos Racing School remains the best school in the country. We’re in the process of adding dates to accommodate a new influx of customers.

We want YOU… We want your first experience in the racing world to be a good one… fun, highly educational and safe… We will work hard to make you an “inspired lifer” in racing.

I am probably the only head of a racing school that will talk to you directly, and, at some point, share a track with you. So call, or as an alternative, hit our website at

We are here… will be here… and will introduce you to the great sport on earth… the right way.

The Bertil Roos Racing School, “doin’ it right” since 1975.


Bertil Roos teams with

In order to give our customers a convenient online registration solution the Bertil Roos Racing School has teamed up with

We understand that, at times, it may be difficult to find an opportune moment to call in and sign up for a program during what would be normal business hours. With this in mind we wanted a solution that would make the process easier for our customers / potential customers, has made this possible.

We will be listing all of our programs on while still accepting call in registrations.

Certain programs listed still require a confirmation phone call, due to prerequisites, after completion of the online registration.

To view our listings please click the logo below: