Customer Testimony

Below is a customer testimony one of our instructors received from a student that not only did our school but one of the competition’s as well:

“Hi Taylor – having just gotten back from Lucas, I have to say that I appreciate Bertil Roos even more in many ways. The feedback and concern for the development of each driver you guys show is not being matched elsewhere in the industry, even at the newest, shiniest competitor. I tried it out with some folks who I didn’t think would appreciate the beautiful struggle to master the challenges of the Roos cars – and it was the right call. But for me, your model there is far superior. And slide cars!! So, once again, thanks for the care you guys are putting into the student experience.”

2017 Bertil Roos F-2000 Series

The Bertil Roos F-2000 Race Series will open its 2017 season on March 26, at Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida.

Now in its 35th consecutive season, the formula car series remains the least expensive arrive and drive series in the country. The eight event, 16 race series will also make stops at Dominion Raceway in Virginia, as well as multiple stops at New Jersey Motorsports Park and Pocono Raceway. The end of the year non-points Fewkes Enduro will be held at Roebling Road Raceway near Savannah, GA.

“We take pride in promoting inexpensive ‘arrive and drive’ racing for our participants,” noted Roos CEO Dennis Macchio. “The emphasis is on safe, low cost, ‘even playing field’ competition, where driving skill is the determining variable.”

The series has been the starting point for many past and present pro drivers, while remaining a long-term alternative for many experienced racers.

“We have the perfect mix of older, seasoned racers, and young guns looking to climb the career ladder” explains Macchio. “Emphasis is on maintaining a low cost, etiquette oriented environment that satisfies the appetite of a wide variety of racers and experience levels. It is a series that sharply raises the learning curve, due to both talent and experience levels of our various drivers.”

Both the number, and cost of crashes are the lowest in the industry, a tradition that the promoters intend to continue.

“We embrace hard, clean driving. We have a very low tolerance for clowns. And there is zero opportunity for a driver to ‘buy a championship,’” Macchio explains. “It is why we have, and will continue to be a special place to race.”

You can check out additional info about the Roos F-2000 Race Series by accessing the Bertil Roos Racing School website at, or call the school at 1-800-RACENOW.


New 3 Day and 2 Day Dates Added!

Due to an increased demand on our 3 Day and 2 Day Schools the Bertil Roos Racing School has added an additional 3 Day School and 2 Day Advanced School to our 2016 schedule. Both Programs have a limit of 9 students for each and will be at Pocono Raceway.

September 13-15: 3 Day Road Racing School
September 14-15: 2 Day Advanced School
September 13: additional day for 2 Day Advanced School students to re-acclimate to the Roos cars.

Again seats are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

For more info please call us at 1-800-722-3669 or email us at

Roos Announces Two New Marketing Partners

 Roos Announces Two New Marketing Partners

Long Pond, PA…..The Bertil Roos Racing School, today, announced the addition of two new sponsors for the 2016 season, Piloti Driving Shoes and the Hagerty Insurance Agency.

We love to work with and promote companies and Brands that stand out from the rest of the motorsports community” said Roos President, Dennis Macchio, “and these two companies have a long time history of excellence in our business.”

Hagerty has been a long time insurance provider for vintage race cars, and classic cars. In fact, its excellent reputation for service has made it the largest collector car insurance company in the world. “We’re collectors, we race, and we’re fans” says a Hagerty spokesperson. “Like the Roos School, we’re passionate about the sport, and there’s no substitute for passion.”

Anyone who has spent time in a racing paddock is familiar with Piloti footwear. While they make an excellent racing shoe, their uniqueness is in the area of paddock products, where durability, comfort and yes, style, are critical. Their wide array of styles and colors have always placed them at the center of the market for performance related footwear.

Information on both companies can be obtained by contacting the Bertil Roos Racing School or the companies directly at and  Roos will also be carrying Piloti inventory at its Pocono Race Gear store, located at its headquarters in Blakeslee, Pennsylvania.



Roos Racing & DeMonte Motorsports Form New Mustang School

Roos Racing & DeMonte Motorsports
Form New Mustang School
Long Pond, PA… The Bertil Roos Racing School just announced a new slate of racing schools, to be conducted in Ford Mustangs, throughout  the 2016 season.
The announcement follows the development of a new joint venture between the school and DeMonte Motorsports.
“We have been working at developing a GT School for some time” said Roos President Dennis Macchio. “Given our commitment to high quality driving and racing education, it took an extensive search to find the right cars and personnel to undertake this venture.”
Macchio, formerly a part owner and manager at the legendary Bridgehampton Race Circuit, finally decided to pull together some old associates from that era. “The people at DeMonte Motorsports, Anthony DeMonte (owner), and Jason Kreth (Director of Operations)are people who have been doing things right for a long time” said Macchio. “They get it. When we looked at our options, and began discussions with the group, things fell into place quite quickly.”
Macchio feels that the new Bertil Roos / DMS Mustang School will fulfill a long awaited need to provide quality driver education in a GT environment.
“Our commitment to formula car schools remains unchanged, but this new venture provides an excellent alternative to those wishing to develop their skills in a closed wheel, closed cockpit environment.”
The Bertil Roos / DMS Mustang School will begin within the month, with 1 Day, 3 Day and Advanced Schools as well as Lapping Days scheduled at a number of venues. While dates are still being worked out for some programs, two 3 Day Schools have already been announced at New Jersey Motorsports Park on July 11-13, 2016 and at the brand new Dominion Raceway on November 7-9, 2016.
Roos DMS
Stay tuned to our website,, as the rest of our schedule is announced.
Enrollment and information requests can be obtained by contacting Roos at 1-800-722-3669.

Bertil Roos Announces New Venue

For Immediate Release
April 5, 2016
Bertil Roos Racing School
Announces New Venue
 Dominion picture top
Long Pond, PA… The Bertil Roos Racing School announced today that it has entered into an agreement to conduct schools at the brand new Dominion Raceway, located just south of Washington DC.
“Dominion is ideally located to service a large number of our students,” said Roos President, Dennis Macchio. “It is close to Washington, Richmond and major markets in North Carolina. A great number of our former students come from these areas. We feel that this location will better serve both our ongoing and future customer base.”
The school also cites the enthusiasm of the ownership and management of the new facility as an important factor in adding the venue to its list of tracks.
“We really like the vibe we get from the group that runs the track. They are on the same page as us, in a variety of areas, including a commitment to doing things right,” said Macchio.
The school will begin holding programs in the latter part of the year, including three day schools in its formula cars as well as a three day program in its DMS Mustangs.
Dominion picture
For further info on the Dominion programs, or to book seats, contact the school at 1-800-722-3669, or see our website at

The Roos School and The 800 lb. Gorilla (A Comparison)

The Roos School and The 800 lb. Gorilla

(A Comparison)

The Bertil Roos Racing School is living proof that bigger is not always better….Compare our school with the industry’s 800 lb. gorilla


Bertil Roos 800 lb. Gorilla
Passing allowed in all programs
Patented Slide Cars
No artificial speed limits, no pace cars
Class sizes limited to 18
Winged Formula Cars for all programs
Onboard Video
Textbooks in advance
Regularly scheduled programs within 90 miles of NY and Philadelphia
3 to 1 Student Instructor Ratio
Preferential treatment for celebrities
Skid Pad
Don’t Need It
New Cooper Zeon Race Tires
Industry High Prices
Crash Damage Liability for 3-Day School
Taking credit for students trained at other schools


NASA and The Bertil Roos Racing School Reach New Agreement​

NASA and The Bertil Roos Racing School Reach New Agreement​

Blakeslee, PA
3/22, 2016

The Bertil Roos Racing School has announced that it is now authorized to issue National Auto Sport Association (NASA) licenses to graduates of its 5 Day or Advanced School Programs. All past graduates of these programs will also be able to apply, with certificates of completion included in their application.
“We are pleased to announce this new relationship,” said Dennis Macchio. “In a time where the competition between sanctioning bodies has caused some to lower their license education requirements, NASA has stood firm. Both organizations place an emphasis on proper training and safety. We share the belief that respect for the sport is essential.”
The relationship between NASA Northeast Region and the Bertil Roos Racing Schools goes back many years each of which respects the others quality of instruction and the comprehensive race programs each group offers.
This cooperative effort is designed to help promote quality motorsports in the Northeast Region as well as other Regions in the country. For those looking to develop as drivers you now have more options and more places to race.