Bertil Roos Extending Offer to Former Skip Barber Customers

Due to the overwhelming number of responses, the Bertil Roos Racing School is extending a special offer to customers who lost their deposits in the Skip Barber bankruptcy.


Last September, it was announced that any customer who had an outstanding deposit with the Skip Barber Racing School could apply a portion of that deposit towards any Bertil Roos Racing School program.


“We’ve had so many aspiring drivers take advantage of this incredible offer,” Bertil Roos President Dennis Macchio said. “It has rebuilt credibility for our industry, and has given so many people the opportunity to pursue their passion through working with our staff of experienced racing instructors.”


A leader in the industry, the Bertil Roos Racing School has been training drivers in high-quality, European-style road racing for over 40 years.


Through the special offer, up to 25 percent of the value of Skip Barber Racing School deposits can be applied towards Bertil Roos Racing School programs. This can be repeated until the customer’s entire deposit has been used up. More specific information can be found here.


“We are proud that we got ahead of the curve on this, and that we have helped a lot of people reconnect with their driving and racing aspirations,” Macchio said. “With an established school such as ours providing this opportunity, it does wonders for the industry. Simply said, we are giving people the opportunity to receive Bertil Roos Racing School’s unparalleled level of driving instruction whether they are hobbyists or aspiring racers.”


The Bertil Roos Racing School encourages individuals who lost deposits to contact them directly. Proof of loss will be needed. The school can be reached at 1-800 RACE NOW, or (570) 646-7227.


For more information on Bertil Roos Racing School programs, etc. visit our website