Bertil Roos Racing School Statement About COVID-19

JUPITER, Fla. — Bertil Roos Racing School (BRRS) and its parent company IRG Sports + Entertainment (IRGSE) are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will follow instruction from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with local and state health departments in the communities we serve. At this time, all schools will continue as scheduled.

Bertil Roos Racing School has an extensive disinfecting procedure in place for all equipment during and after every event. 

To prevent the spread of cold, flu or COVID-19, experts are encouraging prevention and asking people to practice good hygiene—frequent handwashing, using hand sanitizer and covering sneezes and coughs.

Due to changing recommendations from health officials, we will continue to update everyone of any changes through our and social media channels.

SCCA Licensed Racers Welcome to Take Part in Bertil Roos Race Series

VIR 2019

Calling all SCCA licensed racers! The Bertil Roos Race Series is the perfect place to race.

There are 16 races over eight-event weekends on tracks from South Florida to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. While it’s a natural progression for graduates of Bertil Roos Racing School’s 5-Day or 2-Day Advanced Programs, all qualified SCCA-licensed racers are welcome to participate.

The goal of Bertil Roos Racing School has been to maintain a series that showcase driver skill, ability and overall race-craft excellence. The driver’s ability to apply the theory of race strategy in actual racing events is what wins races.

Drivers from all over the country, participants from a variety of club and professional series, compete in our highly-competitive racing series which your racing lineage, celebrity status and budget mean absolutely nothing.

Driving our identically-prepared Formula race cars, you truly are a professional race car driver.

You’re not a truck driver, mechanic or serving in the other roles, but the focus is racing, being in the cockpit, turning the steering wheel, shifting gears and getting on the brakes and gas. You’re not encumbered with the task of loading up your race car, towing it back and forth to the track.

You’re not spending all your time and money working on the car. Instead, you’re able to race without buying and maintaining the car, truck and other equipment. We provide the coaching, race cars, pit crews, driving suits and helmets. It is truly “arrive and drive.”

Race day includes the following: driver’s meeting, instruction in the Roos street cars, practice, qualifying and TWO races. It’s the maximum racing experience for the least amount of money.

You have the option of enrolling in a single race or the entire series with the 2020 season opener just days away, March 20-21 at Palm Beach International Raceway, Jupiter, Fla.

Other venues include: Pocono Raceway, Virginia International Raceway and New Jersey Motorsports Park. The races are held on a variety of configurations at the different venues.

Visit our schedule and pricing page or call 1-800 RACE NOW to speak with one of our racing professionals.

Jasper Ends Strong to Capture Winter Series Title

KERSHAW, S.C. — Philip Jasper scored three wins in the final four races to capture the Bertil Roos Winter Series championship for the 2019-20 season.

With events No. 4 and 5 held at the Carolina Motorsports Park, Jasper trailed Dai by 11 points coming into the weekend. However, Jasper found the layout to his liking, setting a fast time of 1:48.36 around the 2.23-mile road course.

Jasper parlayed that strong start into a victory in the first of two Saturday Group 1 races. Chris Willcox posted a second-place finish with Gabe Jasper rounding out the podium finishers. Bob Perlmutter and Joe Dounchis took the other top-five spots as Dai suffered the misfortune of a DNF.

Gabe Jasper had the winning formula in the second Group 1 race with Willcox again taking runner-up honors. Dai made up some lost ground with his third-place finish, while Perlmutter and Charles Shiner rounded out the top five. Philip Jasper wound up seventh.

It set the stage for a Sunday showdown which started with Willcox posting the top qualifying time of 1:49.32.

Philip Jasper charged from fourth to first and won the first Sunday Group 1 race. Dai kept the pressure on with his second-place finish. Perlmutter got his first podium of the weekend, followed by Shiner and Willcox.

With the championship on the line, Philip Jasper was up to the challenge, capturing his third win of the weekend and sixth of the season. Willcox finished up a strong showing with his third runner-up finish, while Dai was third for his third podium finish. Gabe Jasper and Perlmutter made up the rest of the top five.


The action was fast in Saturday’s Group 2 event where Joe Lattanzi started off the weekend with a quick lap of 1:50.58. Reiner Oberst assumed the point during the race and he went on to capture the race win ahead of second-place Kirk Weatherman. Bryan Sircely finished third with Vinnie Virga and Craig Curran rounding out the top five.

Oberst and Weatherman repeated with another 1-2 finish in the second Group 2 race. Virga battled to a podium finish in third. Ben Corson and Curran took the fourth and fifth-place spots.

Lattanzi was again fast in Sunday qualifying. His time of 1:50.95 set the pace, but Weatherman had the winning formula during the race. Weatherman outran Lattanzi to the finish line with Oberst coming home third. Sircely was fourth and Corson wound up fifth.

Weatherman completed the Sunday sweep with the win in the second Group 2 race. Corson was runner-up for his best finish and Lattanzi completed his big weekend with the final podium spot. Oberst had another solid showing in fourth and Curran completed the top five.


Philip Jasper won the title by four points over Dai, although Weatherman accumulated the most points over the course of the season before drops. The final results were Jasper with 190 points, followed by Dai with 186. Weatherman was third with 182 points with Gabe Jasper at 179 and Willcox at 171 rounding out the top five.

Charles Shiner won the prestigious Sportsman of the Year award which goes to the driver who best embodies the spirit of Bertil Roos. Factors such as mentoring younger drivers, keeping a positive energy and bringing a spirit of community amongst the drivers are all taken into account.

Chris Willcox was honored as the Hard Charger of the Year that goes to the driver who has the most position gains from qualifying over the course of the season. 

Bryan Sircely earned the Rookie of the Year after finishing eighth in the overall point standings.

Bertil Roos Racing School Helps You Perfect the Heel and Toe Technique

Bertil Roos Racing School has been teaching the art of motor racing since 1975 and one of those techniques is heel-and-toe downshifting.

The technique for driving a car with a manual gearbox involves operating the brake and throttle pedals with the right foot, while activating the clutch with the left foot. The driver is able to blip the throttle as you raise the engine speed and smoothly engage the lower gear.

You’re in the corner on the brakes and you want to downshift so you can accelerate out of the corner with a better gear in one of our Formula cars. The goal while underbraking is preparing the transmission to be in the optimal rpm range to accelerate out of that turn. 

Our Formula 2000 at Pocono Raceway

Our Formula 2000 (North) cars feature a 4-speed H-pattern manual transmission. With these cars, the four-step process for the heel and toe technique is:

1) Start braking

2) While braking and having the car slowed enough, select neutral

3) When in neutral and still braking, blip throttle

4) Once blipped, depress clutch and select the lower gear.

Our Formula R/T 2000 at PBIR

Our Formula R/T 2000 (South) cars feature a 5-speed sequential transmission. The four-step process for heel and toe is:

1) Start braking

2) While braking and having the car slowed enough, depress the clutch

3) When clutch is depressed and still braking, blip the throttle

4) As soon as the blip happens, shift to the lower gear while the rpm is still up

The heel and toe technique makes a nice and smooth transition with the gear change.

That smooth transition is important as to not upset the balance of the car and cause a loss of traction. Without heel and toe, there’s a greater braking force transferred to the wheels, which increases the slip angle.

Proper application of the heel and toe method doesn’t necessarily cure understeer or oversteer as that is mostly being in the right gear with the proper throttle application. However, proper heel-toe will prevent the sudden lockup of the rear tires while downshifting which will stop the driver from a snap oversteer or spin situation.

At Bertil Roos Racing School, our Formula cars feature pedals that are close together for the easy application of the heel and toe method.

While Bertil Roos Racing School’s Formula 2000 and R/T 2000 cars offer many great features, they are purposely without some of the driver’s aids of other cars. This way, you get a better feel of the race cars and are better prepared once you graduate our programs.

Our cars are designed with a reclined seating position, open cockpit and Indy-style body work to give you a true indication of what the professionals feel when they’re battling it out on the track. 

Our cars pull up to 2 g’s in the corners and are able to stop on a dime. With our performance radial tires, you are able to feel maximum traction and learn the subtleties of slip angle management that is paramount to mastering high performance driving. 

That’s where the heel and toe technique comes in with our world class instruction not matched by any other racing school.

Click here or call 1-800 RACE NOW for upcoming Bertil Roos Racing School dates where you learn more about mastering the heel and toe technique.

Bertil Roos 3-Day School Builds Foundation for Successful Career

Why have so many Bertil Roos Racing School graduates have gone on to successful careers as professional racers?

Our graduates have raced on the most famous circuits in the world. They’ve competed on iconic Formula One tracks like Silverstone and Spa and America’s most famous speedways at Indianapolis and Daytona.

While many have graduated to the Bertil Roos Race Series or Bertil Roos Winter Race Series, others have tackled other forms of motorsport. BRRS graduates have raced at the highest levels whether it has been in Formula cars in Europe, Indy Cars, stock cars, sports cars and even sprint cars.

They’ve raced at famed road courses like Sebring and VIR, and even short tracks like Bristol Motor Speedway and the nation’s most famous dirt track, the Eldora (Ohio) Speedway. 

So why have Bertil Roos Racing School graduates shown such versatility in their racing endeavors?

It starts with the high-quality instruction offered and strong foundation gained at our 3-Day Road Racing School.

It’s hard to imagine bigger differences in race cars and circuits than learning the art of European-style road racing in BRRS Formula cars and then racing stock cars on Bristol’s high banks or slinging mud in a sprint car at Eldora. 

But, the concepts taught at Bertil Roos Racing School translate to all forms of motorsport.

BRRS 3-Day Road Racing School features include: 

  • Ocular Driving Technique
  • Line Recovery Techniques
  • Proper braking technique
  • Racing line theory/track analysis
  • Car control and vehicle dynamics
  • Industry exclusive Slide Car exercises

These lead into our 2-Day Advanced School which racers must complete to become eligible for a SCCA competition license.

Other factors set Bertil Roos Racing School apart from the competition like a maximum 3:1 student to instructor ratio and full laps with controlled passing. There are no speed limits or rev limits, and you get to engage in wheel-to-wheel exercises with instructors.

Bertil Roos Racing School offers the opportunities to watch on-track sessions from corner stations with instructors. Our industry-exclusive Slide Cars and Formula cars without driver aids are the perfect tools for learning.

No matter what kind of racing you’re into, if you want to build a great foundation for your own racing career, click here for BRRS 3-Day Road Racing School locations and dates or call 1-800-RACE NOW.

Bertil Roos Racing School Ranks as Best for Experienced Racer

Vinnie Virga on the far right

Vinnie Virga has attended multiple racing schools and he has come to a conclusion: Bertil Roos Racing School is simply the best.

He explained while you are learning the craft of a race car driver and once you become one, Bertil Roos Racing School powers ahead of the competition.

“The Bertil Roos Racing School has become the preeminent place for both driver education and for an arrive-and-drive race program,” Virga said. “Having been through Skip Barber, Bob Bondurant, Lucas, BMW M Experience, and many other programs, I can say with confidence, that Bertil Roos has the best instructors, the cars are consistently in the best condition, and as someone that participates in both their winter and summer race series, they do the best job at equalizing the cars.”

It’s the thrill of competition, the allure of pushing man and machine to the limits why most people get into racing. Virga explained that’s why participating in Bertil Roos Summer and Winter Race Series is such a great option. You are driving these great Formula cars which enhance all of your senses and you are not tied down with all the expenses, time and hassles of owning a race car. 

There are no repairs and maintenance to be done. You don’t have any of the aggravation of transporting the car, tools and parts to and from the track. It’s a job that can be exponentially more difficult if a car is wrecked.

“Bertil Roos is by far the most cost-effective way to race when you compare their arrive and drive, to owning your own vehicle or renting, they simply crush the value equation,” said Virga, the 2017 Bertil Roos Race Series rookie of the year.

The education at Bertil Roos Racing School, which has been teaching the art of motor racing since 1975, is second to none. Bertil Roos Racing School instructors have proven track records, racking up race wins and competing against the best drivers in the world. 

For example, BRRS instruction Divina Galica is one of only five women to have entered a Formula One Grand Prix. She finished ahead of legendary drivers Mario Andretti and Clay Regazzoni at the Formula One Race of Champions, and later competed against two-time Indianapolis 500 champion Juan Pablo Montoya after moving to the United States.

In addition, BRRS President John Twardzik is a graduate of the school’s programs and a race winner. He gets a ringing endorsement from Virga for his pace and his knowledge.

“John Twardzik who runs Bertil Roos, is also an incredibly fast driver, and a fantastic instructor, as are the other instructors I have worked with at Bertil,” Virga said. “Whether in data sessions, lead-follow, simply giving you corner advice or there for 3-day, 2-day or Grad camp events, they know how to express things in easy to digest and useful ways.”

One of the major factors in choosing a racing school or competing in a race series is your safety. At Bertil Roos Racing School, you are given the proper instruction and seat time that challenge you and help you develop your race craft. In our series, you’re competing with our racers who have received our world-class instruction.   

“They run a truly safe program, with no shenanigans!  From the office to the mechanics to the overall program on a scale of 1-10 Bertil Roos is an 11, if you get a chance, jump on it to work with these people,” Virga said.

Click here or call 1-800-RACE NOW to check out a current schedule of Bertil Roos Racing School programs. 

Bertil Roos Racing School Gives Your Clients a Bucket List Item

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Amazing, unforgettable, a true bucket list check off.

Acura of Canada at PBIR

It’s just some of the ways used to describe Bertil Roos Racing School’s corporate and groups program. 

Recently, Acura of Canada booked their own Bertil Roos Racing School corporate day at Palm Beach International Raceway, Jupiter, Florida. Upon arrival, the aspiring drivers were fitted with the same racing suits and helmets used by the pros.

They were given classroom instruction where materials from apexes to brake points, corner entry and exit speeds and basic track etiquette and rules were covered. Later, they were taken around the world-class, 10-turn, 2.2-mile road course in street cars to gain an in-depth preview of the track.

After an introduction to the lightning-fast Formula R/T 2000 cars, which feature a 135-horsepower, 4-cylinder engine and 5-speed sequential transmission, it was time to apply the lessons on the track.

In the cockpit, the drivers felt the power, the extreme grip and sheer thrill of being in control of these incredible open-wheel race cars.

Ashley Miller, the program manager for The Traveller Inc., which set up the Acura corporate day had this to say about the experience.

“The Bertil Roos Racing School team was great to work with and I can honestly say the clients had an amazing time. They had nothing, but great things to say about the whole experience. It was truly a bucket list check-off. Thank you again and I hope we get to work together again in the near future,” she said.

Bertil Roos Racing School is the leading school for teaching the highly technical European-style road racing in North America. But, the world-class instructors break it down where it’s simple to understand so your valued employees and customers have a truly unforgettable experience.

There’s nothing like our specially-tailored corporate programs to create a strong bond between team members. Those like Acura of Canada who have participated find it dramatically improves teamwork, communication, morale and motivation with everything needed for this adventure provided.

Call 1-800-RACE NOW for more information about a specially-tailored group program for you.

Bertil Roos Racing School Stands Out as the Best for Short Track Racer

Don O’Keefe at Palm Beach International Raceway

For over four decades, Don O’Keefe Jr. has raced the short tracks around the country, often going head-to-head with some of the biggest stars in American motorsports.

The Pittsboro, Ind., racer has raced against NASCAR icons Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kyle Larson and Ryan Newman and against World of Outlaws champions like Sammy Swindell, Dave Blaney and Danny Lasoski. He has competed at venues as varied as the legendary Knoxville Raceway dirt track and famed NASCAR tracks at Phoenix and Richmond. For the past two decades, he has also been a regular competitor at the annual Chili Bowl Midget Nationals, the nation’s premier indoor racing event.

But, the longtime veteran of Sprints, Midgets and Silver Crown cars said his decision to attend Bertil Roos Racing School at Palm Beach International Raceway and learn European-style road racing provided one of his best racing experiences ever. As a veteran racer, he knew the importance of finding a SCCA-accredited school.

“I’ve paid my dues and learned the discipline it takes to run the ovals in my 45-plus years as a driver,” O’Keefe said. “Through the years have successfully run everything from stock cars to World of Outlaw Sprint Cars to USAC Silver Crown, Sprints, and Midgets on dirt and asphalt, at over 80 tracks in 19 different states. I’ve had numerous main wins and top-10 finishes along the way. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at road racing and as I investigated more it was clear, going to a “Certified Racing School” was my best option as I still have some racing years left in me.”

As a racer, he knew the importance of being surrounded by the best equipment such as Bertil Roos Racing School’s Formula cars and receiving top instruction in the highly intricate and technical form of European-style road racing. 

O’Keefe learned from Bertil Roos Racing School’s world-class instructors who have been teaching performance driving and racing for decades, and whose clients have included Formula, IndyCar and NASCAR drivers. One of those O’Keefe worked with was Divina Galica, only one of five women to have entered a Formula One Grand Prix.

“To run with the best, you need the best, whether it is equipment, personnel, or those mentoring you,” O’Keefe said. “The Bertil Roos Racing School stood out among all the others as “The Best” in my eyes. Their approach to teaching you the discipline it takes to road race is second to none. All the instructors and personnel, have years of championship experience and can communicate with the student or driver at their level. 

“I admit the thought of “Heel-Toe” shifting had me terrified, but they had this old dirt-tracker shifting and not grinding the gears as I learned the basics of road racing.”

O’Keefe attended Bertil Roos Racing School’s three-day basic program at PBIR and followed with the two-day advanced course. It whetted his appetite for even more Formula-style road racing and gave him an even greater appreciation for the sport.

“In all my years of racing, attending the Bertil Roos Racing School was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” O’Keefe said. “I highly recommend it if you’re considering a racing school whether it be as a  beginner, or like me, a veteran of a different form of racing that wanted to learn from the best.”

To get the high-quality instruction like O’Keefe and others from the hobbyist to the top levels of racing have experienced, visit or call 1-800 RACE NOW.

Dai, Jasper Duo Race to Palm Beach Victories

Group 1 Races 1 & 2 (from left to right): 2nd Place Bob Perlmutter, 1st Place Gabe Jasper, 3rd Place Frank Anelante

JUPITER, Fla. — Points leader Jimmy Dai and the father-son combination of Gabe and Phillip Jasper dominated action at the Bertil Roos Winter Race Series event January 9-10 at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Gabe Jasper raced to his third and fourth straight wins in Group 1 action. After setting the fast time in qualifying at 1:33.18 around the 2.2-mile road course, he held off Bob Perlmutter for the win in the first race. Frank Anelante captured the third spot with Charles Shiner and rookie driver Randy Russell rounding out the top five.

Jasper continued to set the pace in the second race, while the rest of the top five finished in the same spots.

Group 2 Races 1 & 2 (from left to right): 2nd Place Chris Willcox, 1st Place Philip Jasper, 3rd Place Vinnie Virga

Phillip Jasper was the man to beat in Group 2 and his qualifying run of 1:33.10 was the quickest of anyone. Rookie Chris Willcox proved to be a fast learner and he challenged Jasper for the top spot.

No one could overpower Jasper, who rolled to the first Group 2 victory. Willcox finished second ahead of Vinnie Virga, who took the final podium spot. Joe Lattanzi finished fourth. The results of the second Group 2 race mirrored the first with Jasper again proving hard to overcome, followed by Willcox and Virga with Lattanzi again missing out on the final podium spot.

Group 3 Races 1 & 2 (from left to right): 2nd Place Kirk Weatherman, 1st Place Jimmy Dai, 3rd Place Ben Corson

Jimmy Dai had the quick time for Group 3 and he raced to the win over Kirk Weatherman. Ben Corson rounded out the podium finishers with Bryan Sircely fourth after Reiner Oberst, who ran strong early, had trouble and wasn’t able to finish.

Dai secured the weekend sweep in the second race, which was his third straight win in the series overall. Weatherman again was runner-up and Corson was third. Sircely and Oberst rounded out the top five.

With an incredible start of five wins and a runner-up finish in six races, Dai has a 144-133 points lead over Gabe Jasper in the Winter Series standings. Weatherman ranks third with 132 points, followed Willcox with 128 points and Phillip Jasper with 118 points. 

Perlmutter and Sircely are tied for sixth, just one point outside the top five.

The series shifts to Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, S.C., for the next Winter Series event, February 21-22.

Bertil Roos Racing School Graduates Compete in Highest Levels of Motorsports

Professional drivers from all disciplines have used training from Bertil Roos Racing School to reach the highest levels of motorsport. 

Graduates of the program, which teaches the highly intricate form of European-style road racing, have gone on to find success in Formula cars, IndyCar, NASCAR stock cars, sports cars and even sprint cars on dirt oval tracks.

Beyond competing in the Bertil Roos Race Series, recent BRRS graduates Cameron Das and Dev Gore have raced Formula cars in Europe. 

Other alumni include IndyCar driver Conor Daly, NASCAR driver Jeb Burton, son of former Daytona 500 winner Ward Burton, and Jarett Andretti of the famed Andretti racing family. 

Andretti, who has raced in sprint cars and the Pirelli World Challenge for sports cars, made his debut at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway last year.

So why have BRRS graduates enjoyed so much success?

It all starts with the basics and Bertil Roos Racing School’s world-class instruction. Most programs offer an average of one instructor per three students, the most instruction one can get without hiring a private coach.

A multitude of programs have been developed to challenge drivers at all experience levels. The programs start range from half-day and one-day adventure programs to the five-day racing programs or two-day advanced road racing schools which fulfill the requirements to obtain an SCCA license.   

Bertil Roos Racing School offers its patented slide cars which let you experience, at low speeds, how it feels to drive a car over its limit. The primary car is the Formula car, which is the most effective car in teaching the arts of performance driving and racing.

Don O’Keefe, a veteran of Silver Crown, sprint cars and midgets, has raced extensively on the short ovals across North America. He found Bertil Roos Racing School to be well above what he even imagined.

“In all my years of racing, attending the Bertil Roos Racing School was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” O’Keefe said. “I highly recommend it if you’re considering a racing school whether it be as a  beginner, or like me, a veteran of a different form of racing that wanted to learn from the best.”

For your own opportunity to learn from the best, click here for one of our licensing programs or call 1-800-RACE NOW.