Bertil Roos 3-Day School Builds Foundation for Successful Career

February 11, 2020

Why have so many Bertil Roos Racing School graduates have gone on to successful careers as professional racers…

Why have so many Bertil Roos Racing School graduates have gone on to successful careers as professional racers?

Our graduates have raced on the most famous circuits in the world. They’ve competed on iconic Formula One tracks like Silverstone and Spa and America’s most famous speedways at Indianapolis and Daytona.

While many have graduated to the Bertil Roos Race Series or Bertil Roos Winter Race Series, others have tackled other forms of motorsport. BRRS graduates have raced at the highest levels whether it has been in Formula cars in Europe, Indy Cars, stock cars, sports cars and even sprint cars.

They’ve raced at famed road courses like Sebring and VIR, and even short tracks like Bristol Motor Speedway and the nation’s most famous dirt track, the Eldora (Ohio) Speedway.

So why have Bertil Roos Racing School graduates shown such versatility in their racing endeavors?

It starts with the high-quality instruction offered and strong foundation gained at our 3-Day Road Racing School.

It’s hard to imagine bigger differences in race cars and circuits than learning the art of European-style road racing in BRRS Formula cars and then racing stock cars on Bristol’s high banks or slinging mud in a sprint car at Eldora.

But, the concepts taught at Bertil Roos Racing School translate to all forms of motorsport.

BRRS 3-Day Road Racing School features include:

  • Ocular Driving Technique
  • Line Recovery Techniques
  • Proper braking technique
  • Racing line theory/track analysis
  • Car control and vehicle dynamics
  • Industry exclusive Slide Car exercises

These lead into our 2-Day Advanced School which racers must complete to become eligible for a SCCA competition license.

Other factors set Bertil Roos Racing School apart from the competition like a maximum 3:1 student to instructor ratio and full laps with controlled passing. There are no speed limits or rev limits, and you get to engage in wheel-to-wheel exercises with instructors.

Bertil Roos Racing School offers the opportunities to watch on-track sessions from corner stations with instructors. Our industry-exclusive Slide Cars and Formula cars without driver aids are the perfect tools for learning.

No matter what kind of racing you’re into, if you want to build a great foundation for your own racing career, click here for BRRS 3-Day Road Racing School locations and dates or call 1-800-RACE NOW.


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