Car Control Clinic

The Car Control Clinic is one of several specialty programs designed for advanced students.

Car control is the art of maintaining control of a car, when it has, either by design or by accident, exceeded its threshold of grip. This applies to cornering grip, acceleration grip and braking grip.

Without this type of program, drivers are left to their own devices, not only to learn the art, but to build experience and a comfort zone. This often takes multiple episodes on a track, usually at a high speed, and generally in a slight panic mode.

This Roos program is designed to provide almost constant practice, and multiple episodes in a safe, low speed environment. The extensive use of patented slide cars and other tools facilitate the learning and practice in a “real environment”, the race track, not an artificial watered down skid pad.

The goal is simple, to learn and practice car control and line correction to a point where driver response, to threatening situations, is more automatic and methodical with much less fear and discomfort.

Slide cars and race cars will be used on both tightened and full courses. A special competition will be held at the end of the day as an extra incentive.

Seats are very limited. Early enrollment is suggested!