Bertil Roos Welcomes Experienced Barber School Instructors

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Bertil Roos Racing School have merged the best assets of the original Skip Barber Racing School with the hiring of top-rated driving instructors and the purchase and meticulous restoration of their fleet of formula cars.

Two of the original Skip Barber Racing program’s most accomplished instructors ever, Bruce MacInnes and Divina Galica, now bring their decades of expertise to Bertil Roos Racing School’s training programs of high-quality, European-style road racing.


Bruce MacInnes Roos Instructor


Bruce MacInnes has professionally coached racing drivers for over four decades. As the senior instructor at the original Skip Barber Racing School, he tutored such high-profile drivers as Paul Newman and Tom Cruise, and NASCAR race winners A.J. Allmendinger, Boris Said, Ken Schrader and Jerry Nadeau.

Behind the wheel, MacInnes ranks among the most accomplished Formula Ford drivers ever with two Pro Formula Ford National Championships and twice named Formula Magazine “Driver of the Year.” He set over 18-lap records and his victory in the famed Can-Am Challenge at Lime Rock, driving a Lola T-333 Chevrolet in the rain, is legendary in the sports car world.

A veteran of America’s two most famous road races, the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring, he has successfully competed in a wide variety of production cars, Formula cars, & prototypes.

Recently, he has coached several of America’s best vintage racing teams and has seen his students win at the highest levels of American racing.

He and wife Vikki are both private pilots and lifetime members of the Experimental Aircraft Association. Other hobbies include restoring vintage cars, building kit cars and custom motorcycles. Several of his projects and articles he has written can be seen at

Most importantly, he brings a love of racing, a passion for coaching and a genuine concern for his students. He is committed to helping every student achieve progress and is excited to be a part of the Bertil Roos Racing School.


Divina Galica Roos Instructor


Divina Galica MBE is a true sporting legend in her native Great Britain. She competed in three Winter Olympic Games as downhill ski racer and captained the British Women’s Olympic Ski Team twice. She represented Great Britain at a fourth Olympics in 1992 in the demonstration sport of speed skiing.

In 1973, Galica received the MBE (Member of the Most Excellence Order of the British Empire) from Queen Elizabeth II for services to sport. She joined such British icons as The Beatles on the list of MBE recipients.

A chance invitation to a celebrity race in 1974 led to a second career in motor racing. Since then, Galica has competed in a variety of race cars and series including Sports 2000, Formula 1, endurance racing and European Truck Racing.

One of five female drivers to have entered a Formula One Grand Prix, she finished 12th in the 1977 Formula One Race of Champions, ahead of legendary drivers Mario Andretti and Clay Regazzoni. She started the 1978 BRDC International Trophy race where she finished ahead of Formula One champions Andretti and James Hunt on the legendary Silverstone circuit.

She moved to the United States in 1994 where she raced against drivers like two-time Indianapolis 500 champion Juan Pablo Montoya and started working as an instructor at the original Skip Barber Racing School.

In 2017, she joined the Bertil Roos Racing School. Fueled with a passion for racing, Galica is never happier than when she is instructing drivers or getting behind the wheel of one of the Bertil Roos cars.

To get the high-quality driving instruction offered by MacInnes, Galica and others, and to check out Bertil Roos Racing School programs, visit or call 1-800-RACE NOW.

Bertil Roos Puts Former Barber Cars to the Test

JUPITER, Fla. — Mechanics and engineers at the Bertil Roos Racing School have spent over four months re-designing, re-engineering and rebuilding the former Skip Barber fleet of open-wheel cars which will only be available at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR).

The first round of testing and shakedown of those cars began last Wednesday with Bertil Roos Racing School’s expert instructors behind the wheel on PBIR’s 2.2-mile road course. The cars, which were rebuilt and upgraded to meet the highest performance and safety standards, will become the in-house formula car fleet for the new Palm Beach Performance Driving Education Center, presented by Bertil Roos.

With more than 70 dates and a dozen different driving and racing programs being held at Palm Beach International Raceway, the cars will see a substantial amount of track time during the 2018 season.
As a result, a rigorous testing program has been put together towards developing the safest, most durable, and most effective training tools in the industry.

“When the Skip Barber Racing School declared bankruptcy in 2017, we and many others attended the auctions that ensued,” Bertil Roos Racing School President Dennis Macchio said. “What stood out as a positive to us was the fleet of formula cars. We saw a great opportunity to rehabilitate those cars and rebuild them to the highest industry standards.

“Our thinking was confirmed by many former Barber employees and we now feature an impressive inventory of top-of-the-line vehicles to best learn the art of high-quality, European-style road racing.”

Testing of the cars to make sure each passes Bertil Roos’ high standard of excellence, will continue throughout the month of February and into early March. The newly rebuilt cars will make their debut at the Roos 3-Day beginning March 12.

For the complete list of programs available this year Palm Beach International Raceway and for more info on the Bertil Roos Racing School, call 1-800-722-3669, or visit




Changes in Program Cars

The Bertil Roos Racing School announced today that it has terminated its relationship with DeMonte Motorsports, effective immediately.


DeMonte Motorsports had been providing the school with a fleet of Ford Mustangs over the past two years.


“We are moving in a different direction, with respect to our closed-wheel program,” Bertil Roos President, Dennis Macchio said. “To that end, we are exploring other options that will better fit our long-term strategies of providing cost-effective, and high-quality performance driving education. The tools with which we teach are an integral part of the teaching process. Handling and braking are more important components than horsepower.”


Bertil Roos Racing School does not charge for crash damage in its introductory programs. There are emphasis on costs and keeping the programs reasonably priced which narrow the field on what is a viable teaching car.


The school has evolved its formula car fleet over several years to accommodate its goals, and will now turn its attention to developing an alternative closed-wheel option.


For information on the school or its recent expansion, please contact us at 1-800-RACE NOW or 570-646-7227. Check out our website and the Bertil Roos Racing School Facebook page.

Why Formula Cars?

On occasion, we get asked, “why do you use formula cars?” or, “how will they help, if I intend to drive other types of cars?”


So, here’s our answer.


When learning the art of performance driving and road racing, there is no better classroom than a formula car. Every professional driver of note and most amateurs have spent time in formula cars, especially at the early stages of learning.


“Techniques important to racing and driving are more effective when taught in a formula car. For example, visual training, what we refer to as ocular driving techniques,” said Bertil Roos President Dennis Macchio. “They are best taught in the cockpit of a car that has no A pillars, no windshield, no rearview mirror, and no forward blind spot.


“Car control, line correction, important advanced skills, are much easier to learn in nimble, lightweight formula cars. The low center of gravity and the minimum body roll lend themselves to be much more predictable and responsive corrections. Even spinning, a skill that one hopes is not often employed, is more effectively taught in formula cars. The learning curve is accelerated in a formula car. High grip, and modest power is the ‘formula’ for learning, and just a hell of a lot more fun.”


Formula cars are also noted for giving maximum feedback to the driver. Every subtle nuance, both car and track, are more obvious in the open wheel car, creating a heightened level of sensitivity for the new driver. This provides a much higher level of preparation for any type of performance vehicle that might follow.


“We have, at times, tried open and closed wheel programs simultaneously. The f-car programs unsold the closed wheel by a margin of 9 to 1. It is one of the reasons that the top pro schools rely so heavily on formula cars as the “ultimate” driver classroom.”


For more information on Bertil Roos Racing School programs visit our website or call 1-800-RACENOW. (570-646-7227).


Bertil Roos Extending Offer to Former Skip Barber Customers

Due to the overwhelming number of responses, the Bertil Roos Racing School is extending a special offer to customers who lost their deposits in the Skip Barber bankruptcy.


Last September, it was announced that any customer who had an outstanding deposit with the Skip Barber Racing School could apply a portion of that deposit towards any Bertil Roos Racing School program.


“We’ve had so many aspiring drivers take advantage of this incredible offer,” Bertil Roos President Dennis Macchio said. “It has rebuilt credibility for our industry, and has given so many people the opportunity to pursue their passion through working with our staff of experienced racing instructors.”


A leader in the industry, the Bertil Roos Racing School has been training drivers in high-quality, European-style road racing for over 40 years.


Through the special offer, up to 25 percent of the value of Skip Barber Racing School deposits can be applied towards Bertil Roos Racing School programs. This can be repeated until the customer’s entire deposit has been used up. More specific information can be found here.


“We are proud that we got ahead of the curve on this, and that we have helped a lot of people reconnect with their driving and racing aspirations,” Macchio said. “With an established school such as ours providing this opportunity, it does wonders for the industry. Simply said, we are giving people the opportunity to receive Bertil Roos Racing School’s unparalleled level of driving instruction whether they are hobbyists or aspiring racers.”


The Bertil Roos Racing School encourages individuals who lost deposits to contact them directly. Proof of loss will be needed. The school can be reached at 1-800 RACE NOW, or (570) 646-7227.


For more information on Bertil Roos Racing School programs, etc. visit our website

IRGSE Acquires Bertil Roos Racing School

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Nov. 20, 2017) — IRG Sports + Entertainment (IRGSE), a leading marketer and promoter of sports and live entertainment experiences, announced today the recent acquisition of Bertil Roos Racing School.


As a pioneer in the industry, the Bertil Roos Racing School has been training students in the art of motor racing for over four decades. Graduates of the European-style, road racing school can be found at every level of racing, from the hobbyist up to the top levels of professional racing. All programs are “arrive and drive,” where all you need to bring is a positive attitude.


Bertil Roos will continue to run programs at existing locations and will add resident driving schools at Palm Beach International Raceway, which began the week of Nov. 11, and at Memphis International Raceway in 2018.


“We are pleased to welcome Bertil Roos Racing School into the IRGSE family,” IRGSE President and CEO Lou Partenza said. “When we looked for an acquisition, the focus was to find an organization that would add value by complementing IRGSE’s existing assets while maintaining a strong culture of delivering value and service to its customers.


“Bertil Roos hit on all of these parameters with an added benefit of a strong, passionate leadership team that is committed to the continued growth and development of the company.”


In addition, IRGSE acquired the complete Formula fleet and spares from the Skip Barber Racing School. These vehicles are undergoing complete overhauls and will be permanently situated at the Palm Beach and Memphis Bertil Roos Racing School locations.


Bertil Roos Racing School will service seven track locations in 2018 with a fleet of 45 open-wheel Formula cars and 20 full-bodied cars, along with offering trackside support. Corporate headquarters will be based in West Palm Beach, Fla.


“I am excited to be part of the IRGSE family,” said Dennis Macchio, President of Bertil Roos Racing Schools. “Their track assets fit perfectly into our vision for the continued expansion of Bertil Roos Racing School and the residency driving school programs we have developed.


“The resources afforded to Bertil Roos through this venture will allow us to expand both geographically and through the development of additional programs and racing weekends.”


For more information about Bertil Roos Racing School including gift certificates, holiday pricing and travel discounts, visit the website at


About IRG Sports + Entertainment:

IRG Sports + Entertainment™ (IRGSE), a TPG Specialty Lending Inc. portfolio company, is a leading marketer and promoter of sports and live entertainment experiences in the United States, Canada, Bahamas, New Zealand and Australia. The company owns and operates four motorsports facilities: Palm Beach International Raceway™ (PBIR), Memphis International Raceway™ (MIR), Maryland International Raceway™ (MDIR) and Cordova International Raceway™ (CIR); as well as the International Hot Rod Association™ (IHRA), IHRA Australia™, Bertil Roos Racing School and Palm Beach Driving Club™ (PBDC). IRGSE properties promote more than 1,150 motorsports, live entertainment and corporate events annually at its venues and within its series. For more information, please visit, follow @IRGSports on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Special Program for SBRS Depositors

Dear Skip Barber Racing School Depositor,
Below please find a link to a packet of information that explains how Bertil Roos Racing School is attempting to help SBRS customers use a portion of their deposits to take Bertil Roos schools, and/or participate in our race series. We are attempting to help out, without putting ourselves in a similar financial bind.
For some, the process might be a touch complicated, and we welcome you to call us for further explanation. We look forward to helping you continue your road racing journey.
Please keep in mind that we are an independent racing school, and have no affiliation with SBRS, other than trying to help a large number of people continue their dream. Hope we see you trackside, soon.
Skip Barber Package
Yours for the sport,
Dennis James Macchio
Bertil Roos Racing School

Bertil Roos 5 Day Speed Week


August 7-11, 2017 @ Pocono Raceway

Go from never having driven a race car to competing in 2 races in only 5 days!

Day one starts with a brief classroom session, followed immediately by a track session in one of our patented slide cars. Then, some trackside demonstrations by the instructors, followed by an additional classroom session and on-track practice with one of our street cars. After a short introduction to the racecars, safety equipment, safety flags, and a short discussion about racing etiquette, we finish the day with two track sessions in the racecars.

Day two begins with another brief classroom session, followed by another session in the slide cars and street cars. This track session’s objective is to ingrain every bump, wrinkle, and visible marker into your racing mindset. Four additional track sessions in the racecars and a track walk add to your knowledge gained the previous day, applying theory to the real world. You will be given an abundant amount of seat time, practicing and perfecting the skills required to advance to the final day.

Day three: You’ve trained forty-eight hours for this day. Time to apply your new-found skills and acquire the additional advanced techniques required to devour the track and squeeze every last tenth of a second out of yourself. A slide car session is combined with FIVE track sessions in the racecars, working on those little nuances that trim the last few tenths off your lap times. You will learn the techniques that made our school famous, and to this day, set us apart from the competition. You will practice techniques such as: Ocular Driving, the Auto Pilot, Rotational Turn-In, Line Recovery, Slide Control, Heel and Toe, and Creative Visualization.

Day four starts with a brief classroom session, followed immediately by a track ride-around in one of our street cars. Next you’ll climb into one of our racecars and go wheel-to-wheel and nose-to-tail for four sessions with the instructors, as they show you the safest and most effective passing techniques. Other activities include drafting, practice race starts, qualifying strategies and racing tactics.

Day five is structured like a race day, practice, qualifying, practice starts and two 8-lap races will fill your day. Each track session is preceded by a classroom session explaining the techniques to use and the goals to shoot for in that respective session. It’s like participating in your first race, with instructors watching and helping you every step of the way. Day two also features open passing in each on track session.

Eligible for a Bertil Roos Race Series License and ALL Amateur and Club licenses upon completion.

3 Day Road Racing School: $3,795

2 Day Advanced School: $2,595

5 Day Speed Week: $5,895