Bertil Roos Racing School Announces Partnership with Tire Streets

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.- Bertil Roos Racing School (BRRS) and Tire Streets announce a partnership that will see Tire Streets become the Exclusive Tire Supplier of Bertil Roos Racing School.

Tire Streets is an online tire retailer that is focused on making it easy and affordable for drivers to have access to quality performance tires. Their involvement in the grassroots community and efforts to provide emerging drivers with the opportunity to race makes this partnership with Bertil Roos Racing School a perfect fit.

“We’re very excited to be working with such a legendary school. To be a part of growing the sport and its education is the foundation we’ve built Tire Streets on, “ says Kaylee Zozos, Tire Streets’ eCommerce Manager.

Tire Streets will be supplying Bertil Roos with the Accelera PHI-R tire, a versatile, all-season performance tire with 400 treadwear that works well for both drift and track applications.

In addition to the partnership as the exclusive tire supplier of Bertil Roos Racing School, Tire Streets will also have logo placement for Accelera tires on each BRRS vehicle along with marketing material, including discount codes that students can redeem on the Tire Streets website.

“Street tires on a formula car can show an extreme amounts of wear with a lot of cornering and braking loads on a light car,” Bertil Roos Racing School President Dennis Macchio said. “When we put Accelera tires on the car, they not only performed well during our testing, but proved to be an extremely durable and long-lived tire.”

For more information about Bertil Roos Racing School or to book your seat, visit or call 1-800-RACE-NOW.

About Tire Streets:
Born in 2018, Tire Streets is an online retailer that is driven by the mission to make racing affordable by offering quality products at a revolutionary price. Tire Streets currently sells Accelera-branded performance tires for street, race, and rally applications. Learn more at

About Accelera Tires:
Made in Indonesia by PT. Elangperdana Tyre Industry (EP Tyres), Accelera tires are ultra-high performance tires designed for elegance and safety. Accelera is distributed in over 90 countries and includes a portfolio of tires for different competitive applications including drifting, rally, and autocross as well as daily driving applications. To learn more, visit .

Bertil Roos Racing School Graduate Andretti Finishes Sixth in Indy Lights Debut

Jarett Andretti once again showed the versatility his famous racing family is known for and it comes as no accident.


In his Indy Lights series debut, Andretti finished sixth in the Freedom 100 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. As a graduate of Bertil Roos Racing School and a coaching client of BRRS President Dennis Macchio, his success on the “World’s Most Famous Race Track” is no surprise.


While Indianapolis is a nearly rectangular-shaped track with four tight corners, Andretti adapted well to its unique challenges. The training he received from Bertil Roos Racing School in the highly-technical, European-style road racing made for a smooth transition.


In the May 24 race, Andretti had the sixth fastest practice time at 193.839 mph in a Dallara chassis. After not posting a qualifying lap, he had to start on the grid. He came back in the race to finish right outside the top five.


As an Indianapolis native and the seventh member of his family to race on the famous track, it was a dream come true for the son of former IndyCar and NASCAR winner John Andretti.

“There’s something about this place,” Jarett said. “There’s an allure here that you can’t replicate. Obviously being born in Indianapolis, it has an even more special meaning and seeing your dad compete here among all your other family members.”


Those family members include great-uncle Mario, who ranks amongst the all-time greats in motorsports history as the 1969 winner of the Indianapolis 500. In fact, Mario Andretti is the only man to win a Formula One World Championship, the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500.


Other family members include Michael Andretti, now one of IndyCar’s top car owners, and his cousin, Marco, who raced in Sunday’s Indianapolis 500.


Besides their history at Indianapolis, the Andretti family also has a long history with Bertil Roos Racing School. Michael Andretti, is a BRRS graduate, coached by the school’s founder Bertil Roos.


Since Jarett participated in Bertil Roos Racing School in 2011 at Virginia International Raceway, he has raced in a variety of cars and series. He won the Eastern Pavement championship for the USAC Midgets, has been a track champion on the 3/8-mile clay oval in Lawrenceburg (Ind.) and was the winner of the nationally-televised Indiana Sprint Car Series.


Also an accomplished sports car racer, he competed in the 50thanniversary of the 24 Hours of Daytona and in the Pirelli World Challenge.    


To get the quality instruction like Andretti and other pros have received or to experience the ultimate thrill of driving an open-cockpit car on top racing circuit, visit racenow.comor call 1-800-RACE NOW.

Bertil Roos Experience Puts Andretti on the Fast Track

The Andretti family is known for their versatility behind the steering wheel and Jarett Andretti is no exception.


His father, John, once raced a Top Fuel dragster and was a winner in both Indy Car and NASCAR, where he drove for stock car racing legends Cale Yarborough and Richard Petty. His great-uncle Mario ranks amongst the all-time greats in motorsports history, the only man to win a Formula One World Championship, the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500.


With other famous family members as the grandson of Aldo, the nephew of Michael and younger cousin of Marco, there are always expectations with the Andretti name. So when it was time to choose the proper training, Jarett was enrolled into the Bertil Roos Racing School, which has been training drivers in high-quality, European-style road racing for over 40 years.


In fact, Michael Andretti is also a BRRS graduate, and was coached by school founder Bertil Roos.


“The first road racing experience I had after go-karts was the 5-Day Bertil Roos Racing School in March 2011 at Virginia International Raceway,” Andretti said. “After graduating from Roos, I went back to my normal racing schedule, USAC Midgets. We won the Eastern Pavement championship in 2011 and competed in the 50th anniversary of the 24 Hours of Daytona in January 2012.”


Just 19 at the time, Andretti was a driver on the Yellow Dragon Motorsports Mazda RX-8 along with his father, Canadian driver Taylor Hacquard and Norwegian driver Anders Krohn at America’s most famous road race.


Andretti started racing non-wing sprint cars in 2012, and he has been doing so ever since. Two years later, he won USAC Rookie of the Year after traveling coast-to-coast competing in 12 states and over 60 races.


In 2016, Andretti won the track championship on the 3/8-mile clay oval at Lawrenceburg (Ind.) Speedway. Last year, he won the championship for the nationally-televised Indiana Sprint Car Series.


This season, Andretti is embracing his road racing heritage, driving a No. 18 Volkswagen in the Pirelli World Challenge TCR class in addition to his sprint car schedule. And for that, he’s grateful for his Bertil Roos training in a highly intricate and technical form of racing.


“I will be leaning on my Roos experience now more than ever and look forward to getting back to one of my favorite tracks, VIR,” Andretti said. “To this day, the South Course is still one of my favorite road course I’ve raced on and I’m glad I got to experience Oak Tree before they eventually cut it down.”


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New 3 Day and 2 Day Dates Added!

Due to an increased demand on our 3 Day and 2 Day Schools the Bertil Roos Racing School has added an additional 3 Day School and 2 Day Advanced School to our 2016 schedule. Both Programs have a limit of 9 students for each and will be at Pocono Raceway.

September 13-15: 3 Day Road Racing School
September 14-15: 2 Day Advanced School
September 13: additional day for 2 Day Advanced School students to re-acclimate to the Roos cars.

Again seats are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

For more info please call us at 1-800-722-3669 or email us at

Roos Racing & DeMonte Motorsports Form New Mustang School

Roos Racing & DeMonte Motorsports
Form New Mustang School
Long Pond, PA… The Bertil Roos Racing School just announced a new slate of racing schools, to be conducted in Ford Mustangs, throughout  the 2016 season.
The announcement follows the development of a new joint venture between the school and DeMonte Motorsports.
“We have been working at developing a GT School for some time” said Roos President Dennis Macchio. “Given our commitment to high quality driving and racing education, it took an extensive search to find the right cars and personnel to undertake this venture.”
Macchio, formerly a part owner and manager at the legendary Bridgehampton Race Circuit, finally decided to pull together some old associates from that era. “The people at DeMonte Motorsports, Anthony DeMonte (owner), and Jason Kreth (Director of Operations)are people who have been doing things right for a long time” said Macchio. “They get it. When we looked at our options, and began discussions with the group, things fell into place quite quickly.”
Macchio feels that the new Bertil Roos / DMS Mustang School will fulfill a long awaited need to provide quality driver education in a GT environment.
“Our commitment to formula car schools remains unchanged, but this new venture provides an excellent alternative to those wishing to develop their skills in a closed wheel, closed cockpit environment.”
The Bertil Roos / DMS Mustang School will begin within the month, with 1 Day, 3 Day and Advanced Schools as well as Lapping Days scheduled at a number of venues. While dates are still being worked out for some programs, two 3 Day Schools have already been announced at New Jersey Motorsports Park on July 11-13, 2016 and at the brand new Dominion Raceway on November 7-9, 2016.
Roos DMS
Stay tuned to our website,, as the rest of our schedule is announced.
Enrollment and information requests can be obtained by contacting Roos at 1-800-722-3669.

Bertil Roos Race Series F-2000 “Season 33”

We are rapidly approaching the 2016 Roos F-2000 Racing Series. This year will mark the 33rd anniversary of the series making it the longest continuously run formula car series in North America.
In a recent interview, Dennis Macchio, President and CEO of the Bertil Roos Racing School, the series’ sanctioning body, was asked why the program has been so successful for so long.
“Probably too many reasons to give an interview”, Macchio explained. “I guess it all starts with money. We have strived over the past three decades to make this the least expensive formula car series in all of racing. Unlike other spec classes, we own and maintain all of the cars used in the series. In addition to the obvious economies of scale, that strategy also insures that no driver can buy an advantage. This keeps the price of our series extremely low, while insuring the most even playing field possible”.
Macchio goes on to explain that while the racing is extremely competitive, the group mentality of participants, and the fact that it is administrated by the Roos Racing School personnel, results in a high level of clean racing. “The series is monitored from within the competitors and from outside”.
Macchio explains “As a result, the racing is done right; as clean and safe as it can be done in this sport. Crash damage and injuries are probably the lowest of any series in existence. Cost and safety are two of our biggest selling points.”
Driver mix is also a contributor to the success. “Each year, our entry list is filled with an eclectic mix of one year thrill seekers, hardened hobbyists and aspiring professionals, eager to begin climbing the ladder to the big time” says Macchio. “We have drivers who have enjoyed our format for a decade or longer, returnees from higher levels of racing who want to return to the fun of roots racing, and of course, those seeking to build a career.”
Dozens of current and past pro drivers have driven in the Roos schools and series. Oddly, Macchio eschews name dropping. “We don’t like to drop names. Our successful clients have gotten where they are by their own hard work and while we may have played a role, even a significant one, the credit should go to them. Name dropping, and even worse name buying, is better left to our competitors”.
And lastly, is the equipment. Macchio explains that the cars used in the series are “drivers’ cars”. “In our series, Macchio says, the emphasis is on the driving. The cars are all about the driver and his skill set. You can’t hide mistakes with horse power and technology, while at the same time, you are well rewarded for technique, knowledge, experience and guile.”
“Our school mandate is to teach everything we know to develop a driver and provide the guidance that will insure that his or her potential is fully realized. Our series is designed to provide a format for the execution and enjoyment of those developed skills.”
One of the final questions of the interview was how Macchio felt about the quality of driving in the series. “Funny you should ask, Macchio exclaims. Our motto is “Do it right or don’t do it at all”. A large percentage of drivers in other series are ill trained, and lack both judgment and technique, mostly due to poor education. Even in our school, we have been forced to license drivers for other race series, like the S.C.C.A, who are not nearly as prepared as they once were, or still should be. Ironically, the requirements to be in our series remain the same. This probably has a lot to do with the minimal crash, and negligible injuries associated with our series.”
The 2016 Roos F-2000 Race Series will launch its season in West Palm Beach in March, and will visit a number of venues up and down the East Coast during its 16 race season. For more information, you can check out the website at or call Roos at 1-800-722-3669.