Changes in Program Cars

The Bertil Roos Racing School announced today that it has terminated its relationship with DeMonte Motorsports, effective immediately.


DeMonte Motorsports had been providing the school with a fleet of Ford Mustangs over the past two years.


“We are moving in a different direction, with respect to our closed-wheel program,” Bertil Roos President, Dennis Macchio said. “To that end, we are exploring other options that will better fit our long-term strategies of providing cost-effective, and high-quality performance driving education. The tools with which we teach are an integral part of the teaching process. Handling and braking are more important components than horsepower.”


Bertil Roos Racing School does not charge for crash damage in its introductory programs. There are emphasis on costs and keeping the programs reasonably priced which narrow the field on what is a viable teaching car.


The school has evolved its formula car fleet over several years to accommodate its goals, and will now turn its attention to developing an alternative closed-wheel option.


For information on the school or its recent expansion, please contact us at 1-800-RACE NOW or 570-646-7227. Check out our website and the Bertil Roos Racing School Facebook page.