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Motivate and reward your staff with an extraordinary experience that will be the talk around the water cooler for weeks to come. Do you have some important clients you want to provide with an unforgettable experience? Maybe you want to put together a special event for family and friends that will leave them smiling from ear-to-ear. No matter what your motivation is, we are happy to help you plan a truly unforgettable experience.

We supply everything needed for this challenging and extremely exciting adventure. Racing suits and helmets are included and catering can be arranged. Call our Event Planner at 1-800-722-3669 for more information!

Some of our clients include…

AC Delco, Acura of Canada, AIG Life Company, AIG Trading Company, American Cyanamid Company, Apollo Group, ASI Technologies, Automobile Magazine, Autotrend Tire and Wheel, BANC Capital markets, Boating Magazine, Bridgestone / Firestone, Casco Distributing Company, Citibank, Concord Communications, Del Val Miata Club, Delmarva, Dowcon, Dupont Company, EMC Corporation, Ernst and Young LLP, Freedman Tire, Friendly Ice Cream Corporation, General Motors, Geometric Controls, GFI Group Incorporated, GMAC, GMC Truck Incorporated, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Gulf and Northern Trading Company, Hahn Automotive Warehouse, Handels Banken, Haverford Community Hospital, Hershey Chocolate, Jet Sort, JP Morgan, Matthew Outdoor Advertising, Mercedes Benz of North America, Nat West, Sandler O’Neill and Partners, Subaru of North America, Tiffany and Company, Unilever HPC US, Volvo Cars of North America…add your name to the list!

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