How It All Started

The Bertil Roos Racing School has lived by a simple philosophy over the years – when it comes to teaching the art of motor racing, it’s quality, not quantity that counts.

Bertil Roos started the school in 1975. Having forged a formidable reputation as a professional racer throughout Europe, the former Formula One driver emigrated to the United States in 1973 to continue his career.

Our Passion

Having grown up on a small, isolated fishing island off the coast of Sweden, Roos learned at a very young age, the art of self-reliance and efficient use of assets. So, with very little capital, no formal education, and little knowledge of English, he set his talents to building and developing the first serious road racing school in the U.S. The same talents would help him build his own cars and win six driving championships during his stellar career.

Over the years, a variety of driving programs and venues have been added to the curriculum. The school has developed a Two-Day Highway Driving program, which concentrates on the training of new drivers, and a 2 Day Grad Camp for drivers looking for more 1-on-1 coaching.

The bread and butter programs are still the road racing schools. A major innovation in this school is the use of slide cars. In the late 1970’s, Roos designed and built a patented training car that slides at very low speeds, simulating what occurs at much higher speeds in racecars. By practicing in these cars, students learn to control the slides at safe speeds, which help them develop the skill and confidence needed to drive racecars at the limit.

Get In Touch

In late 2017 the Bertil Roos Racing School merged with IRG Sports and Entertainment based in West Palm Beach, FL. This new partnership has allowed the school to expand its base of operations to southern tracks year round. The merger has also given the school the opportunity to grow its fleet of race cars so multiple programs at separate tracks can be held simultaneously.

Additionally, numerous Fortune 500 companies have begun to use the school as a basis for their corporate outings. Groups of executives, often including important clients, participate in specially tailored programs conducted by the school. They find that it dramatically improves teamwork, communication, morale and motivation. Everyday skills, such as the ability to focus, anticipate problems, and analyze solutions are sharpened and it’s simply more fun and adventurous than a typical golf outing.

The school has also developed lower priced introductory programs in recent years. In these programs, the emphasis is on providing clients with a taste of what motor racing is, at an affordable price.


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