Bertil Roos Welcomes Experienced Barber School Instructors

Bertil Roos Racing School have merged the best assets of the original Skip Barber Racing School with the hiring of top-rated driving instructors and the purchase and meticulous restoration of their fleet of formula cars.


Bertil Roos Puts Former Barber Cars to the Test

Mechanics and engineers at the Bertil Roos Racing School have spent over four months re-designing, re-engineering and rebuilding the former Skip Barber fleet of open-wheel cars which will only be available at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR).


Changes in Program Cars

The Bertil Roos Racing School announced today that it has terminated its relationship with DeMonte Motorsports, effective immediately.


Why Formula Cars?

On occasion, we get asked, “why do you use formula cars?” or, “how will they help, if I intend to drive other types of cars?” So, here’s our answer.


Dennis Macchio: A Driver’s Mentor

In May of 2017, Dennis Macchio sat down with Ross Bently to record a podcast episode devoted to driver mentors.


Bertil Roos Extending Offer to Former Skip Barber Customers

Due to the overwhelming number of responses, the Bertil Roos Racing School is extending a special offer to customers who lost their deposits in the Skip Barber bankruptcy. Last September, it was announced that any customer who had an outstanding deposit with the Skip Barber Racing School could apply a portion of that deposit towards any Bertil Roos Racing School program.


IRGSE Acquires Bertil Roos Racing School

IRG Sports + Entertainment (IRGSE), a leading marketer and promoter of sports and live entertainment experiences, announced today the recent acquisition of Bertil Roos Racing School.


Special Program for SBRS Depositors

Below please find a link to a packet of information that explains how Bertil Roos Racing School is attempting to help SBRS customers use a portion of their deposits to take Bertil Roos schools, and/or participate in our race series…


Bertil Roos Fall Tour

Don’t be caught out in the cold…


Bertil Roos 5 Day Speed Week

Go from never having driven a race car to competing in 2 races in only 5 days!


SB Acclimation Day Notice, from Dennis Macchio, CEO of Roos

Word travels fast in the racing world. So it is probably well known that the 800 lb. gorilla is about to disappear from the landscape.


Bertil Roos grad, Cameron Das, gets pole and a podium in British F3

Bertil Roos grad, Cameron Das, in the first weekend of the British F3 Championship grabbed the pole for the first race…


A message from Roos CEO Dennis Macchio

There are a million places to participate in the sport of motor racing. Sometimes it seems that there are as many venues and classes of cars as there are aspiring drivers. And the landscape is always changing.


A letter from Dennis Macchio 2/3/2017

The landscape changes often in the racing world… and sometimes dramatically. Having lived in that environment for the last 40 years, we get upset when an organization “muddies up” our waters.


Bertil Roos teams with

In order to give our customers a convenient online registration solution the Bertil Roos Racing School has teamed up with


Customer Testimony

A customer testimony one of our instructors received from a student that not only did our school but one of the competition’s as well…


2017 Bertil Roos F-2000 Series

The Bertil Roos F-2000 Race Series will open its 2017 season on March 26, at Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida.


New 3 Day and 2 Day Dates Added!

Due to an increased demand on our 3 Day and 2 Day Schools the Bertil Roos Racing School has added an additional 3 Day School and 2 Day Advanced School to our 2016 schedule.


The Bertil Roos Racing School, today, announced the addition of two new sponsors for the 2016 season, Piloti Driving Shoes and the Hagerty Insurance Agency.


Bertil Roos Announces New Venue

Long Pond, PA… The Bertil Roos Racing School announced today that it has entered into an agreement to conduct schools at the brand new Dominion Raceway, located just south of Washington DC.


NASA and The Bertil Roos Racing School Reach New Agreement

The Bertil Roos Racing School has announced that it is now authorized to issue National Auto Sport Association (NASA) licenses to graduates of its 5 Day or Advanced School Programs.


Bertil Roos Race Series F-2000 “Season 33”

We are rapidly approaching the 2016 Roos F-2000 Racing Series. This year will mark the 33rd anniversary of the series making it the longest continuously run formula car series in North America.


“Do It Right” By Dennis Macchio

A lot of people ask us why we do things at the school the way we do, “Isn’t there a short cut?” Well, here is the answer.


Bertil Roos Featured In AutoWeek


The Roos School And The 800 Pound Gorilla (A Comparison)

The Bertil Roos Racing School is living proof that bigger is not always better….Compare our school with the industry’s 800 lb. gorilla.


Porsche Panorama “The Art of Driving: A Lecture by Dennis Macchio” Part 1

Porsche Panorama “The Art of Driving: A Lecture by Dennis Macchio” Part 2


Bertil Roos Racing School – A Hidden Gem

We would like to call your attention to for an article about the history and methodology of the Bertil Roos Racing School and its teaching.


Bertil Roos Graduate Shines on a Gloomy Day In England!

Silverstone, England….Bertil Roos Racing School graduate Conor Daly, representing Team USA Scholarship, has won the Walter Hayes Trophy and race. The event was held November 2nd at Silverstone in England.