Ocular Driving is a Core Component of Bertil Roos Racing School

Ocular Driving Technique is a core component of Bertil Roos Racing School, going back to the foundation of the school.

It was Bertil Roos who first coined the phrase “Ocular Driving” which is based on the simple principle of looking where you want to go.

The late founder of Bertil Roos Racing School used the example if you are sliding off the road. Where are you looking? More than likely, you’re looking at the object you’re about to hit. Roos pointed out that was wrong. A driver should be looking at and pointing the front wheels of the car where you want to go.

Ocular driving uses our eyes to manage how we respond to the visceral inputs we receive in the car. Our eyes tell our brain where we are going, then the brain tells our hands and our feet where to go.

Similar to the “keep your eye on the ball” concept that originated in baseball, high-performance driving also stems from the eyes. It may sound easy, but in reality, it is more difficult than one might expect.

All baseball players are instructed to keep their eye on the ball, but top professionals only get hits 25 to 35 percent of the time. Typically, most drivers don’t look far enough ahead (or in the wrong places), which leads to multiple, abrupt inputs on the steering wheel and pedals. 

Ocular Driving Technique allows drivers to properly navigate any road or track through the early detection of reference points and by using positive target fixation. The teaching of this technique is enhanced by our industry exclusive Slide Cars, where these amazing tools help drivers master the art of looking ahead at safer, lower speeds. 

Bertil Roos Racing School’s Formula cars take ocular driving techniques to the next level. The visual training is best taught in the cockpit of a car that has no A pillars, no windshield, no center-mounted rear mirror, and no forward blind spot. Car control, line correction and important advanced skills are much easier to learn in our nimble, lightweight, Formula cars.

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