Race Results

Bertil Roos

2020 Race Results

Race DateVenueTrackRace RecapsRace Results
March 20-21PBIRMain TrackRace 1 & 2View Results
July 1-2NJMPThunderboltRace 3 & 4View Results
July 31 – August 1PoconoSouth Track CCWRace 5 & 6View Results
August 28-29PoconoNorth TrackRace 7 & 8View Results
September 6-7PoconoSouth/East Track CCWRace 9 & 10View Results
September 25-26PoconoSouth/East Track CCWRace 11 & 12View Results
October 8-9PoconoSouth/East Track CCWRace 13 & 14View Results
October 10PoconoSouth/East Track CCWRace 15 & 16View Results


2019 Race Results

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