Racing Programs

The Bertil Roos Racing School was founded on a simple principle…to teach the best driving and motor racing techniques to drivers seeking to improve their performance and car control. We are often referred to as the smallest of the well-known driving schools, which is just fine with us.

By making available a relatively small number of seats in our various programs, we ensure that each participant receives the maximum amount of individual instruction and track time. For most programs, we maintain an average ratio of one instructor per every three students. The only way you’ll receive more track time and one-on-one attention is by hiring your own private coach!

So don’t delay! Join us and experience the same adrenaline rush and feeling of excitement as the pros by driving a Formula car in one of our Half-Day, One-Day, Three-Day, or Five-Day racing programs (no prior experience required!). Or, for graduates of our 3-Day Road Racing School (or similar experience), we offer our 2-Day Advanced Road Racing School, where the emphasis is on passing, drafting, qualifying strategies, and race craft.

Experienced drivers also have the opportunity to participate in our special Rookie Camps, which are designed to zero in on specific issues unique to each driver. It is similar to a specialized coaching day for those looking to get that extra advantage.

Of course, the ultimate challenge and test of your racing skills can be experienced going head-to-head with other drivers in the Roos Formula 2000 Race Series.

If you’re interested in enrolling in this program, be certain to visit our schedule and pricing page, as well as the pages showing our participating track locations.