SB Acclimation Day Notice, from Dennis Macchio, CEO of Roos

A letter from Dennis Macchio, CEO of Bertil Roos Racing School

Word travels fast in the racing world.

So it is probably well known that the 800 lb. gorilla is about to disappear from the landscape.

There are very few racing schools that have tried to maintain integrity, spirit, and a proper respect for the education of racing drivers. Until recently the gorilla(we all know who that is) was among the few.

We at Roos, also count ourselves among the “few”. We are not a collection of cast off instructors trying to capitalize on the current situation.

To that end, we are hoping that many of you who have been running in and with the “other system” will now give the Bertil Roos organization a try.
To that end, we are conducting an advanced school at Dominion, and are inviting SB grads, and race series participants to come down and test the waters. Normally a 2500 program, we are offering it at $1500 for grads from “the other school”. If you are already running their series or are a freshly minted driver, show us your credentials, and you are eligible. It IS NOT a prerequisite for entering our races, instead, an opportunity to acclimate to our system,sans the stress usually associated with a race weekend. Not to mention, that our advanced school teaches things that no other school does. We are going to hold 10 seats aside for this purpose. Our advanced school includes two races on day two, with our race series rules in play.

We think you will like how we do things………