SCCA Licensed Racers Welcome to Take Part in Bertil Roos Race Series

March 11, 2020

Calling all SCCA licensed racers! The Bertil Roos Race Series is the perfect place to race.

Calling all SCCA licensed racers! The Bertil Roos Race Series is the perfect place to race.

There are 16 races over eight-event weekends on tracks from South Florida to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. While it’s a natural progression for graduates of Bertil Roos Racing School’s 5-Day or 2-Day Advanced Programs, all qualified SCCA-licensed racers are welcome to participate.

The goal of Bertil Roos Racing School has been to maintain a series that showcase driver skill, ability and overall race-craft excellence. The driver’s ability to apply the theory of race strategy in actual racing events is what wins races.

Drivers from all over the country, participants from a variety of club and professional series, compete in our highly-competitive racing series which your racing lineage, celebrity status and budget mean absolutely nothing.

Driving our identically-prepared Formula race cars, you truly are a professional race car driver.

You’re not a truck driver, mechanic or serving in the other roles, but the focus is racing, being in the cockpit, turning the steering wheel, shifting gears and getting on the brakes and gas. You’re not encumbered with the task of loading up your race car, towing it back and forth to the track.

You’re not spending all your time and money working on the car. Instead, you’re able to race without buying and maintaining the car, truck and other equipment. We provide the coaching, race cars, pit crews, driving suits and helmets. It is truly “arrive and drive.”

Race day includes the following: driver’s meeting, instruction in the Roos street cars, practice, qualifying and TWO races. It’s the maximum racing experience for the least amount of money.

You have the option of enrolling in a single race or the entire series with the 2020 season opener just days away, March 20-21 at Palm Beach International Raceway, Jupiter, Fla.

Other venues include: Pocono Raceway, Virginia International Raceway and New Jersey Motorsports Park. The races are held on a variety of configurations at the different venues.

Visit our schedule and pricing page or call 1-800 RACE NOW to speak with one of our racing professionals.


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