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Palm Beach International Raceway - 1/2 Day Road Racing School

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The Half-Day program is our most popular program. This course affords anyone the opportunity to suit up, strap in, and see if they have what it takes to drive the R/T-2000 race car (no prior experience necessary, manual transmission experience helps but not required).

Upon arrival, you’ll get fitted for your racing suit, just like the pros wear, and issued a full-face helmet.

After receiving your suit and helmet, you will participate in a classroom discussion. Materials covered range from apexes and brake points, to entry and exit speeds, as well as basic track etiquette and rules. After this classroom, students will take to the track in our school street cars with instructors sitting in the passenger seat. This segment allows students to gain an in depth preview of the track in a more familiar vehicle before jumping in the race cars.

The last bit of preparation involves a short introduction to the race cars, review of the safety flags, and a short discussion on racing etiquette and passing. Then…it’s off to the races!

Our Half-Day road racing program consists of two 20-minute race car sessions!

* Suit and helmet provided.

Formula R/T-2000 Race Car

The new Bertil Roos Formula R/T-2000 offers a unique handling characteristic that will appeal to both the beginner drivers, looking to develop their skills, and Bertil Roos veterans looking to take on a new challenge. This car is used exclusively at Palm Beach International Raceway and in our Bertil Roos Winter Race Series.

The car boasts a 140 hp, 2 liter, 4-cylinder, fuel injected engine and a 5-speed sequential transmission. Weighing just 1,400 lbs, the R/T 2000 is capable of speeds up to 130 mph and accelerates from 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds.

In the corners, the R/T-2000 can achieve up to 2g’s of lateral force on high performance radial tires. This allows students to feel both maximum traction and learn the subtleties of slip angle management that is paramount to mastering performance driving.

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