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Palm Beach International Raceway - Winter Series Practice and Race Day - Race 5 & 6 - R/T 2000 South Fleet - December 16-17, 2021

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2021 - 2022 Winter Series Race 5 & 6 at Palm Beach International Raceway - December 16-17, 2021

This series is only for licensed racers. If you are a 2 Day Advanced School graduate, 5 Day School graduate, or hold a valid racing license through Bertil Roos or another sanctioning body you may sign-up for the series.

It has always been the goal of the Roos system to continually develop and maintain a series that showcases driver skill, ability, and overall race-craft excellence. In our opinion, the driver’s ability to apply the theory of race strategy, in actual on-track racing events, is what wins races.

To realize our goal, we have created the Roos Formula 2000 Racing Series. Through a lot of hard work and focus, we have developed a racing series that allows you to race without having to buy and maintain your own race car. We provide the coaching, race cars, racetracks, pit crew, driving suits and helmets. It is truly “arrive and drive.”

Featuring the same race format that makes the Bertil Roos Summer Series great, the Winter Race Series will feature four weekends from October 2021 through February 2022.

The Winters Series features the newly reengineered RT 2000 formula car. The RT 2000 features a five-speed sequential gearbox and a 135-hp. fuel injected 4-cylinder engine. The RT 2000 handles similarly to the northern car and provides modern performance with the same great drivability that has made Bertil Roos a staple in the US for over 40 years.

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