Bertil Roos

Drew Takacs

This was an amazing 1/2 day experience. It was my first time doing something like this and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The trainers were great and made me feel very comfortable. I didn’t want to get out of the car after my second session. I was feeling so comfortable in the car and was able to really start reaching the speeds that made the experience amazing!

Deanna Flanagan

I had an AMAZING time! It was so much more than I was anticipating. The entire Bertil Roos team is phenomenal and you all should be extremely proud of what you do and the product you deliver.

This experience was not only beneficial to me on a professional level but on a personal one, as well.

It was great meeting you again and thanks again for all you and the team do!

Albert Dellapenna

On September first I attended a one day driving school at your Poconos Racing Facility

Robert Kroll

The best thing I ever did for my driving was attend the Bertil Roos schools. After which, I participated in the series. Today, I owe many wins and fast laps to the instructors and the method. I am happy to still see many of my Roos competitors on the track and call many of them friends.

Justin Fierro

There is no comparison for the level of training, racing, safety and fun environment at any price…

Christopher Camacho

I went to the open wheel 1 day school in the Poconos last year. The instructors were ace and the whole day was very well run. I’ve done 10 years of autocross, 6 years of track days and I still learned so much in this class! It was an experience that I will never forget!

Joseph Chimbolo

When my son was moving from karts to cars I chose Bertil Roos at Pocono. At that point, things are getting serious and you want to know you are learning how to be a solid and safe driver. Not only for yourself, but for the others you share the track with. Top level instructors and the classroom focus to be an analytical driver were key. And we had a great time and still keep in touch with some classmates.

Gerard Gencarelli

The difference between just being along for the ride and being a pilot really comes down to one thing: Eye Technique. Back when I was learning to race and going to every racing school I could, I was lucky enough to speak with Bertil Roos on the phone–he knew what my great weakness was in the car even though we never met… how did know?? It was simple for him to know really–since I had never went to Bertil Roos Racing School, I was Not using my eyes properly. I did the 3 day, then the advanced, scores of lapping days and of course the race series. I was a driver who raced before I went–But they helped make me a racing driver.

RA Malek

I just got done with the 5 day at PBIR and it was great. Fantastic atmosphere, great instructors, detailed information to help you with what matters, getting that car around the track properly, safely and as fast as you comfortably can. I just signed up for the Grad camp, and my first series race in NJ. If you want to learn the right way from quality instructors, this is the place to be!

Jere Haigh

From someone that has been to 5 of your schools, I can say that the equipment and personnel are top of class. Your instructors are precession and never talk down to anyone. I have learned more in those outings than I learned in 6 years of SCCA and PHA racing. Thanks again for your indulging me in something I love to do. I have so much to still learn and will be back.
To anyone that thinks differently. Go see for yourself.
Be Fast. Be Safe.

Blu Metz

I attended the Roos Grand Prix racing school in 1988 as my high school graduation gift from my parents. I raced karts tq midgets micro springs and a modified a few times and the eye technique developed at the Roos school helped me to perform at a high level in whatever I have driven. It not only helped me to be a better race car driver but learning to trust my peripheral vision while focusing down the road makes driving on the street safer as well.


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