Valentino Emerges With New Jersey Wins, Points Lead

June 14, 2021

Geoff Valentino

MILLVILLE, N.J. — Geoff Valentino emerged victorious in a pair of thrilling duels with Kirk Weatherman at New Jersey Motorsports Park and took over the points lead in the Bertil Roos Race Series standings.


Racing on the Thunderbolt course, Valentino and Weatherman swapped the lead four times over the opening 15-lap race for Group 2. Weatherman led the opening lap, Valentino pulled ahead for lap 2 and Weatherman regained the lead the next time the cars crossed the finish line.

Valentino took the lead for good on lap 10 and raced on to the victory. Weatherman took second place with Bob Pearlmutter, Yann de Rochefort and Oceane Nepola rounding out the top five.

Weatherman and Valentino were at it again in race No. 2. Valentino led the first four laps before Weatherman passed and led the next seven circuits. Valentino regained the lead on lap 12 and held on for the win.

Pushing his car to the limit, Weatherman went off track on turn 5 on the final lap. Pearlmutter raced past for the runner-up finish, followed by de Rochefort, Nepola and Weatherman.

The action was just as intense for Group 1.

Javier Nazario

Javier Nazario set the pace out front and led wire-to-wire for the win in race No. 1, but there was a race-long battle for second place that took place behind him. Adam Colombo, Cole Rosson, Theo Peppes and Roger Gill swapped positions throughout the race.

In the end, Colombo finished second, followed by Gill, Peppes and Rosson.

Turn 1 proved to be a tricky spot in the second race. Running 1-2, Nazario and Peppes both went off course on the second lap and Gill moved to the top spot.

Colombo passed Gill two laps later and led the race of the way. Gill and Rosson then battled for second with Rosson moving to the runner-up spot on lap 5. Gill got second-place back on lap 11 after Rosson went off at turn 1.

Gill powered on to second, while Peppes rallied to finish third ahead of Gill and Nazario. Craig Curren, who was scheduled to be a part of the action, had to withdraw from the event for the birth of his first grandchild.

The Thunderbolt results caused a shake-up in the standings as Valentino took over the points lead 120-115 over Weatherman. Colombo is third with 112 points with Nazario right behind at 110 points. Pearlmutter rounds out the top five with 83 points.

The Bertil Roos Race Series races again at New Jersey Motorsports Park on June 16-17, this time on the Lightning course.

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