Winter Series

Bertil Roos

Winter Series

2020-2021 Winter Series Points

1Bryan Sircely148
2Jimmy Dai148
3Philip Jasper141
4Kirk Weatherman122
5Gabe Jasper95
6Bob Perlmutter70
7Vinnie Virga64
8Cole Rosson **34
9Reiner Oberst34
10Javier Nazario **29
11Frank Anelante24


Rookie of the Year:
Hard Charger:
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2020-2021 Winter Series Schedule

RoundsEvent DatesLocationTrackResults
1 & 2October 16-17, 2020Palm Beach Int'l RacewayMainView Results
3 & 4October 27-28, 2020Roebling Road RacewayMainView Results
5 & 6December 17-18, 2020Palm Beach Int'l RacewayMainView Results
7 & 8January 7-8, 2021Palm Beach Int'l RacewayMainView Results
9 & 10February 5-6, 2021Palm Beach Int'l RacewayMain-


2019-2020 Winter Series Points

1Philip Jasper190
2Jimmy Dai186
3Kirk Weatherman182
4Gabe Jasper179
5Chris Willcox171
6Reiner Oberst164
7Bob Perlmutter155
8Bryan Sircely **154
9Joe Lattanzi **148
10Vinnie Virga146
11Charles Shiner129
12Jon Dounchis **124
13Frank Anelante108
14Ben Corson107
15Craig Curran59
16Vincent Caintic41
17Thomas Doughty34
18Randy Russell **32
19Barry Biggin **24


Champion: Philip Jasper
Rookie of the Year: Bryan Sircely
Hard Charger: Chris Willcox
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2019-2020 Winter Series Schedule

Event DatesLocationTrackRoundsResults
October 25-26, 2019Palm Beach Int'l RacewayMain1 & 2View Results
December 20-21, 2019Palm Beach Int'l RacewayMain3 & 4View Results
January 9-10, 2020Palm Beach Int'l RacewayMain5 & 6View Results
February 21-22, 2020Carolina Motorsports ParkMain7 & 8View Results
February 23, 2020Carolina Motorsports ParkMain9 & 10View Results


2018-2019 Winter Series Points

1Adam Cornell147
2Gabe Jasper142
3Phillip Jasper133
4Vinnie Virga124
5Kirk Weatherman119
6Jimmy Dai114
7Matt Curry112
8Reiner Oberst108
9Jeff Relic82
10Gary Vizioli82
11Frank Anelante80
12Charles Shiner79
13Raja Malek75
14Bob Perlmutter56
15Craig Curran55
16Alex Benavits46
17Bryon Sircely32
18Gordon Dinger32
19Joe Lattanzi32
20Wendell Pope21


Champion: Adam Cornell
Rookie of the Year: Phillip Jasper
Hard Charger: Reiner Oberst
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2018-2019 Winter Series Race Results

Race DateVenueTrackRace RecapsRace Results
October 6-7, 2018Palm Beach Int'l RacewayMainRace 1 & 2View Results
December 3-4, 2018Palm Beach Int'l RacewayMainRace 3 & 4View Results
January 18-19, 2019Palm Beach Int'l RacewayMainRace 5 & 6View Results
February 23-24, 2019Carolina Motorsports ParkMainRace 7 & 8View Results

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